Friday 9 November 2012

My Favourite Lip Combination Right Now ♥

                                Hi Everyone,

  Welcome back, todays Blog is gonna be short and sweet.

                          I hope you enjoy xoxo

 Here are my three favourite lip products right now.

~♥~ Essence Lipliner in 07~ Cute Pink.
~♥~ Revlon Lipstick in 415~ Pink in the Afternoon.
~♥~ Natural Collection LipGloss in Turkish Delight.

Here are swatches for the above products

~I am obsessed with a nude pink lip right now and these products are perfect to achieve that look

~I first heard of Relvons Pink in the Afternoon from one of my favourite Beauty Guru's on YouTube ''AnnieJaffery''

~It is her favourite lipstick and I fell in love with it once I swatched it. It is the perfect everyday nude pink lipstick and super affordable.

~I am pretty sure it retails for £7.50 and can be found in most drugstore

~This Natural Collection Lipgloss is the perfect combination for Relvons Pink in the Afternoon.
~ The Natural Collection offers a wide range of colours and are super affordable.
~Its rich creamy consistency makes it perfect for day time wear.
                         Thanks so much for reading
                        I hope you enjoyed this post


My YouTube Journey ♥

~Hi Everyone and Welcome to my World.  I decided it was time to give my blog an update and play around with the design. I never really used it much before but I am pretty happy with the way it turned out as I didn't have a clue what I was doing when I started

~Well firstly let me introduce myself, My name is Grace or    Facesbygrace23. I am 24 years old and currently living the dream in Australia. Some of you may know me personally or just from my Youtube videos.

~So today I wanted to write about My YouTube Journey and hopefully it might help anyone who wants to make videos but are experiencing the same feelings as I was. You are not alone :)

~I started making Youtube videos on the 29th of September 2011. I always wanted to make videos but never really had the confidence of equipment to do so. 

~ I started watching ''Beauty'' videos in 2009 while I was living in Germany. I can't quiet remember what I was searching on Youtube but whatever it was lead me to the wonderful community of Youtube Beauty Guru's. 

~The first girl I stumbled across was ''fafinettex3'' At first I was like what the hell is this girl doing in her room talking to herself and filming herself doing her makeup. Soon after watching a few videos I was completely obsessed. I had always wanted to be a makeup artist as a little girl but was never really any good at it until Youtube came into my life.

~I started watching girls religiously and learning so much from them. It is were my passion for makeup began and my bank account $$ started to suffer :) 

~So in late September 2011 I wanted to give back and help girls who were just like me, had a passion for all things girlie but just need to be shown what to do with makeup and how to use it correctly. 

~I sat down one evening after work, took out my Dad's camera, turned it on and started to film. I am not gonna lie it was the most awkward and embarrassing thing I had ever done. I quickly stopped, deleted the video and turned the camera off. For about a week after I tried several times to film again.

~On one occasion I was almost successful, I had the video half uploaded to YouTube when I got ''THE FEAR'' and took it down straight away. 

~Eventually I got my first video up ( A NEWLOOK HAUL) and never looked back.

~I was so inexperienced and hadn't a clue what I was doing when it came to filming and editing but I slowly taught myself the basics. I am still learning and am not nearly at the standard of where I want to be but I will never stop learning and growing :) 

~If you haven't already subscribed to my YouTube channel I will link it for you to have a look at. I make videos about almost everything girlie :) 

~I do Makeup Tutorials, Reviews, Hauls, Fashion Videos and My Traveling Vlogs. 

I hope you enjoyed my first post. 

~Thanks for reading 

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