Tuesday 19 September 2017

When In Rome

Hey dolls,

If you follow my snapchat you will see I was in Rome last week with my Mam. I surprised her with a trip for her birthday because she's always wanted to go, she said ''I have to visit Rome before I die'' haha. When booking I booked two separate flights as it was working out cheaper that way. I wanted to share exactly what we did as I was getting a lot of questions about it.

We stayed in a really small basic B&B and it was quite near everything, 5 mins for the main bus terminal and 10 mins from the colosseum. We arrived into Rome and straight away a guy approached us and asked if we needed transport to our hotel, it was €50 for a shared mini bus and it was perfect. They also picked us up and brought us back to the airport the day we were leaving for only €35.

Day 1

We decided to head straight out when we arrived and take in the sights Rome had to offer. First stop was lunch recommended by the hotel staff and to be honest it wasn't good at all, in saying that not much for the food we had in Rome was good and I was so disappointed. I won't recommend any of the restaurants we visited because I think you would find better ones yourself. It definitely wasn't what I was hoping for with Italian cuisine.

We headed straight for the Colosseum and availed of the skip the line offer that they had outside. It came with a tour guide and a tour of the Palatine Gardens. The Colosseum is out of this world, crazy how it still stands and is so preserved. What I wouldn't give to be alive back during those times and experience what it was like.

After the Colosseum we headed to the Palatine gardens and had a funny American tour guide show us around. The buildings and ruins are something you'd only see in movies, truly amazing architecture. We then headed to the museum close by and took the lift to the roof of the building to the view of the entire city of Rome, it was breathtaking.

We then wandered up to the Pantheon and then decided to find somewhere nice to eat. A street just off there did offer some nice Italian food and my Mam and I shared  a pizza and one too many cocktails. We had fun that night.

Day 2

The next day was the day for the Vatican City. I had ordered tickets online before we headed which allowed us to skip the queue into the museum and St Peters Basilica. Unfortunately St Peters is closed on a Wednesday and we were in the Vatican before we realised. We made a trip back the following day to see it. To be honest Neither my Mam or I were impressed with the vatican museum, I don't know what we expected but I didn't think the Sistine Chapel was in the middle of a museum.

It was a long day of wandering around and after that we hopped on the bus and headed down to Trastevere for something to eat. We must have stopped into every church along the way and they are something else. We headed home early that night as we wanted to get up early for our last day.

Day 3 

We woke early on our last day and headed straight for the Trevi Fountain. This was my favourite part of Rome, it blew me away. It is such an amazing creation in the middle of some small streets. Be very careful not to sit on the fountain walls or eat around the fountain. I had a loud and embarrassing whistle blown at me as I tucked into a croissant.

After the Trevi Fountain we walked up towards The Spanish Steps, these are also very beautiful and if your into designer shops this is the area for you. You will find everything from D&G to Pucci is along that strip. We then stopped into every church again before hopping on to the open top bus and heading back towards the Vatican.

If there is anything I could recommend it is booking before you go, the queues for St Peters is ridiculous, you'd be hours waiting to get in. Once inside it is something else tho, every corner is covered with something beautiful.

We continued on the open top bus before heading home for a nap and a freshen up. We headed to dinner in the Piazza Navona and enjoyed some pasta and a bottle of wine. It really was such a lovely trip and I am so happy I was able to bring my Mam and enjoy it with her.

If there was anything I missed please leave me a comment and Ill get back to you. Oh and bring comfortable shoes, you will never do as much walking.

Love Grace xox
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