Thursday 30 June 2016

My 28 Week Pregnancy Update

Hey dolls,

Can you believe I'm 28 weeks pregnant!!! I can't! Time is literally flying by so fast and I am only 2 and a half months away from being a mammy. I thought this time would go by so slow but it hasn't at all. We still have so much to do, we just bought a new car :) its so fab and huge, loads of room in the boot for a pram, we have to move into our new house and my sister is getting married soon. Before I know it baba will be here and everything will change :) I am so excited, but so nervous at the same time. So lets get into the update and whats been going on.

So what's new? I have finally started to feel like myself again these past few weeks, Ive been working loads, and going to lots of events, the little things that where such a struggle during the early months of pregnancy.  I've been finding more stylish maternity clothes and doing my hair & makeup everyday! Its the little things that make all the difference. Ive been shopping in mother care, H&M and Newlook. I found those shops have the nicest range. Its so hard to find stylish maternity clothes. Its my dream to bring out a fab range. ( Future goals) 

One thing that hasn't been too pleasant and that has only recently happened is swollen feet. I worked all weekend and by Saturday evening I no longer had ankles, it went from knee straight down to toes. It was so uncomfortable and slightly painful when standing. I got some compression socks this week (if you seen on snapchat I hope I gave you a good laugh) they are so hard to put on but i've had lots of tips from you all as to putting them on easier. I got mine from Inish Pharmacy and they are designed specifically for pregnancy. Here are the ones I got.

The last couple of weeks I have found it quiet difficult to sleep comfortably, Its hard to turn over and I just found it hard to fall asleep at night. I got a pregnancy pillow and when I arrived it shocked me at how big it was. I thought there is no way I'll be able to sleep in that. I was very wrong, it is by far the most comfortable thing I've ever tried. It gives amazing back support, bump and head support and leg support. The first night I don't think I moved once. Chris is even enjoying curling up to it at night although he is complaining it's taking up his side of the bed. This pillow was a god send and even for sitting up watching TV it is amazing. I would highly recommend it to anyone at my stage in pregnancy or if you're having trouble sleeping at night. It helps so much. Here is a link to my Pregnancy Pillow  they have plenty other styles. It can also be used for feeding baby when they come along.

That is pretty much all I have to report so far, I am feeling great but just a little uncomfortable in the heat. I've also been talking pregnacare vitamins and sticking to a healthy diet. 

Here is a link to a video I worked with C & G baby club on 

If you have any questions just leave me a comment below and Ill be back soon with another update

Love Grace xox


Tuesday 14 June 2016

Urban Decay's Lipstick Collaboration With Ruby Rose

Hey Dolls,

I had the pleasure of visiting the L'Oréal HQ here in Dublin today and I was gifted with 5 new beautiful lippies that are launching tomorrow, the 15th with Urban Decay. UD & Ruby Rose have joined forces to collaborate and bring out a whopping 100 new lipstick shades!!!!

These are the 5 shades I have and they are so stunning. I swatched them on my snapchat and they're soooo pigmented. This range of lipsticks have 6 beautifully different finishes, Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer & Sheer Shimmer.

This one in shade Big Bang is my favourite. It is so different from any Lipstick I own. I need to add a few more shades to my collection I think. They retail for €19.50 and are available from Debenhams & House of Fraser from June 15th. 

Happy Shopping.

Love Grace xox


Monday 13 June 2016

My Baby Bag

Hey dolls,

So Its been awhile since I blogged and today I wanted to share an exciting purchase with you all. I'm not one for designer bags or spending too much money on myself but when I seen this baby bag I knew I had to have it. I was in BT's with Lisa from Just Jordan she showed me this gorgeous Marc Jacob bag and I fell in love.

I text Chris immediately to see what he thought, I had to run a purchase like this past him. He loved it too but by the time he text back I was in the car park ready to head home. Bag not in tow! He persuaded me to head back and get it. (Like I needed much persuading haha) I don't think I've ever felt more excited leaving a shop in my life. I smiled the whole way back to my car. 

I am so happy with this purchase and I know it is going to be put to good use. I will be using it as my handbag / baby bag for the next two years. It has lovely wipe proof material so any spills or spit ups with wipe straight off. It is also huge and has a nice front pocket where I can keep all my stuff. I LOVE the silver details, hardware and strap. It will go perfectly with our pram.

I hope you all love it just as much as we do and click here to check it out and by it.

Love Grace xox

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