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The Baby Box | The Perfect Gift For New Parents | Ad

Hey Dolls,

If you saw my snapchat & Insta stories this week you will see I'm collaborating with The Baby Box. They are an Ireland brand and are celebrating their first year in business. The idea of the baby box has been around for 75 years in Finland and has now made its way to Ireland. It provides a safe sleeping environment for infants and studies have shown that this tradition has helped Finland to achieve one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world!

The ultimate baby box comes filled to the brim with everything new parents and their newborn baby will need for those hectic first months. The luxurious gift includes a custom designed bed box jam packed with all of a newborn's clothing essential as well as muslin cloths, a blanket and soft toy, a healthcare kit, a hooded towel, a bathrobe and the finest Burt's Bees products.

This truly is the ultimate gift for any new parent and their baby. I throw Mags & Linzi a surprise baby shower last night and they were absolutely thrilled with the Baby Box. Linzi had been doing her research and really wanted one for when their bundle of joy arrived.

Once the baby has outgrown the box, it can be reused as a storage box - perfect for toys, blankets and baby clothes.

Here is everything you need to know about the baby box and why it is recommended for newborns to sleep in. I wish I had've known about the Baby Box when I was expecting, it definitely would have even been top of my wish list.  One of the great things about The Baby Box is that in ensures your newborn's safety. All of the baby boxes comply with the internationally recognised safety standard for crib and cradle safety. The entire box has passed rigorous health and safety inspections down to the ink used on the box and the glue used in their production which are all environmentally safe.
The mattresses are firm foam pads which have been independently certified as non-toxic. They have no PBDE flame retardants, no prohibited phthalates, no ozone depletes, no mercury, lead or heavy metals and no formaldehyde. All of the boxes include a firm mattress and a fitted sheet. Experts recommend using the mattress and sheet to reduce the risk of SIDS and other sleep-related causes of infant death.

In addition, The Baby Box will donate 10 life saving vaccination kits through  UNICEF Ireland for every Baby Box sold. These vaccination kits will be distributed to the most vulnerable children in the Developing World and will protect these children against Measles, Polio and Tetanus. They have already vaccinated 10,000 babies and children in 3rd world countries.

The Baby Box can be purchased as a stand alone item or filled to the brim with new baby essentials handpicked by the creators. Here is a link to the ultimate baby box that I was showing on my snapchat and I will include a list of everything contained in it if you would like to see. See more about the box here

What's in the box?

1 Baby Box
1 Mattress
1 Machine Washable Breathable Mattress Cover
1 100% Cotoon Fitted Sheet
2 100% Cotton Extra Large Muslin Swaddles (120cm x 120cm)
1 Soft Toy
3 100% Cotton Baby Vests 
2 100% Cotton Baby Sleep Suits
2 100% Cotton Hats
2 100% Cotton Bib
1 100% Cotton Luxury Blanket
1 Baby Health and Grooming Kit
1 100% Cotton Luxury Bath robe 
1 100% Cotton Hooded Towel
1 Burt's Bees Shampoo
1 Burt's Bees Baby Lotion
1 Burt's Bee Nourishing Baby Oil
1 Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment
1 Burt's Bees Butter Milk Soap
1 Changing Pad
2 Soothers
1 Pack of Nappies
1 Jar of Nappy Cream
1 Pack of Water Wipes
1 Bag of Cotton Squares

If you are expecting or know someone who is I would definitely recommend check out their website ( ) it is the perfect gift.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you try The Baby Box.

Love  Grace xox

This Blog Post is in collaboration with The Baby Box

Portugal outfits and how to recreate them!

Hey dolls,

I'm finally getting around to sharing my holiday outfits with you all. If you missed my snapchat I headed to Portugal last week for a friends Hen party. We stayed in the fabulous Vilamoura in beautiful villas in Laguna Resort. They really were stunning.

This fun and comfortable playsuit is from Penneys and is so easy to wear. The colours and pattern are perfect for getting in that holiday mood plus it is so lightweight to pack. You can find similar ones from Boohoo here, ASOS here and Missguided here.

How gorgeous is this beach hat from Pretty Little Thing? A hat is so handy on holiday for protecting your hair and face in the sun while also being super chic. You can shop this fab one here.

This crochet flare sleeve dress had all of the boho vibes, perfect for a day at the beach or by the pool! It's from Pretty Little Thing and you can get it here. If stock is low you can create a similar look with these crochet white dresses from ASOS here and Missguided here.

So many of you loved this dress when I posted it to Instagram. It is from Penneys and the shoes are from iClothing, you can get them here, they are a comfortable block heel and as you can see the sandy nude colour goes with everything. Similar dresses that you could recreate this look with from Pretty Little Thing here, New Look here and here.

This white beach dress with embroidered detail and flared sleeves is so pretty and it's from Penneys! It is perfect for throwing on at the beach and the outfit just effortlessly comes together. White looks so pretty on a sunny day! You could recreate this look with some of these dresses from Boohoo here, ASOS here. and Pretty Little Thing here.

This cute bikini is from Dunne's and the long kimono is from Penneys. These summer colours went perfectly together and the kimono trend is so ideal for days in the sun. If you love this ruffled bikini as much as I do you can shop similar styles from New Look here and River Island here. Check out some kimono's that might go with your swimwear here and here.

This casual evening look is super comfy and really stylish. A white denim skirt will give you so many different outfit opportunities for holidays and this one has gorgeous pocket and button details! My skirt is from Pretty Little Thing you can get it here. My top and bag are from Zara. Top here, bag here. My shoes are from River Island 

Hope you got some inspiration for holiday outfits!
Happy shopping! X


Product review: My teeth whitening journey with Oral-B - Ad

Hey everyone, I have recently been trying out some Oral-B products and I can't wait to tell you about the results!

The products I have been using include the Oral-B White Luxe Perfection Toothpaste. If you are looking for that bright smile that you usually achieve with filters in apps, look no further because you can now achieve that whiteness in real life.

The toothpaste is clinically proven to remove up to 100 percent of surface stains in just three days and it is a great addition to your daily routine for the upkeep of your white smile.

Special technology within the toothpaste dissolves stains and prevents new stains from forming.

There is no need for me to use filters in apps to make my smile look whiter and you can achieve the same confidence. I can relax and know that that I am using these Oral-B products my teeth are protected from new stains and will remain beautifully white no matter what I eat or drink.

I have also been trying and testing the Accelerator that helps the Oral-B 3D White Luxe Perfection Toothpaste whiten the teeth.

It removes the surface stains and this small, additional step in your routine amplifies whiteness and ensures you get long-lasting stain protection and enamel care with every use.

This is designed to be used after brushing, it contains the highest level of stain removing technology that Oral-B has ever developed! Oral-B 3D White Luxe 2-Step System gives me a bright smile which lasts throughout the day so I can enjoy it without worrying about stained or 'coloured' teeth.

The next level of care innovation delivered by Oral-B is in their latest toothbrush. This new product features precisely angled bristles, the PRO 2000 with CrossAction brush head which is an electric toothbrush that oscillates, rotates and pulses and is designed to effectively lift and power away up to 100 percent more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush.

It comes with two features: Daily Clean plus Visible Pressure Sensor and Gum Care. It has a visible pressure sensor that illuminates if brushing pressure exceeds recommended pressure.

Having tried and tested these three products I can honestly say that I have been loving them! Have a look at my before picture here.

The whole system makes you more aware of dental care and encourages you to take more care when brushing your teeth because the electric toothbrush has a timer so you are brushing for the recommended time and it cleans so much better than a manual brush - you can feel it!

I have been a lover of Oral-B electric toothbrushes for years, my previous one traveled the world with me. I had it for almost nine years (of course, I changed the head regularly!)

I have found that my teeth look and feel better since using the toothpaste and accelerator.

As I am on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook so much I always want to put my best face forward. We are all guilty of turning to editing apps and filters for whitening our teeth but with products like these we won't need to!

Check out my after picture having used these products!

I am looking forward to using these products for much longer and seeing the results after more use.

The accelerator had a 'dentist clean' taste which made me super confident about my smile! It made me feel like I could have the lifestyle I want - eating and drinking what I like - and I knew that my teeth were protected from stains.

I now no longer need to use a whitening filter on my selfies, thanks to Oral-B White Luxe Whitening Toothpaste and Accelerator.

The Oral-B 3D White Luxe Perfection is €5.35

The Oral-B 3D White Luxe Perfection Accelerator  €€5.99

The Oral B PRO 2000 CrossAction Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush is €93.29.

All of these Oral-B products can be bought in any Tesco store.

This blog post is in collaboration with Oral-B.


New season wardrobe - statement bomber jackets

Jacket: Zara here
Top: Primark
Boots: River Island here
Bag: DKNY (Similar here)
Necklace: ALEX & ANI here
Watch: Rosefield here

Bomber jackets are having a huge moment in fashion right now! Every celebrity you can imagine has been spotted sporting different styles and it is a trend that has taken the high street by storm. Just like the Military Jacket trend there are so many options on the market, from satin bombers to this gorgeous embroidered frill one from Zara, you will be spoiled for choice when you choose to invest in one for summer. 

While having an every day bomber jacket can be handy this can be a fun trend to play around with and add variety to your wardrobe. Picking up a statement bomber jacket or one that just has something a little different about it can take a plain outfit and turn it into something completely unique with minimal effort. 

From embroidery to embellishments, frill and badges there is a jacket out there for everyone and we have gathered some the hottest styles for you to shop easily right here!

Frills have come to life this season more than any of us were expecting! This jacket from Stradivarius has just the right amount making your style different from everyone else and right on trend in a super subtle way. You could really play with colour with this jacket as it will go with everything and bring life and movement to any summer outfit. Shop this jacket here.

How gorgeous is the colour of this H&M bomber jacket? It is ideal for summer to wear with white jeans or simple skirts. The embroidery detail on both sides will balance out your look and is just enough to bring the jacket to life. Shop the jacket here.

If you want to make a statement we all know that leopard print is one way of doing it! There's something about this satin jacket from that looks great with leather trousers, once you keep the rest of your outfit simple this should be a winner that you can wear again and again. Shop it here

How different is this quilted bomber jacket with dragon embroidery to everything else you have seen on the high street? This unique little jacket could be that one piece your wardrobe is waiting for this summer. Shop it on ASOS here

If patterns are your thing, check out this Adidas jacket from Topshop, perfect for any sports luxe ladies who love mixing comfort with femininity and style. This jacket would look super girly over your favourite jeans and plain white tee for casual days! Shop it here

Last little beauty from River Island is stunning and it's on sale, so even better. It is the perfect piece to dress up a plain outfit. This would be perfect to throw on and head out for dinner with the gals.  Shop it here.

From dragon embroidery to leopard print all of these jackets bring something a little different to the staple bomber that has flooded the high street lately! Dare to be different and find a style that suits you and shows who you are and your personality through your fashion.

Happy shopping! 


Disclaimer - Some of these links are affiliated links with RewardStyle and a small amount of    commission can be made through sales.


Military Jackets & What I Wore Yesterday

This changeable transitional weather we are having at the moment can make striking the balance between looking great and dressing for the season a challenge.

A khaki jacket is a perfect staple to have in your wardrobe coming into the summer months as you can throw it on over a top or dress and it goes great with jeans and trainers or boots.

It is a dynamic piece to have in your wardrobe that will carry you straight through summer. Khaki is one of those neutral colours that goes with everything and the embroidery detail keeps your wardrobe right on trend.

Jacket: Penneys
Top: River Island shop here
Leather trousers: Vero Moda similar here 
Boots: River Island here
Bag: DKNY similar here 
Sunglasses: Tom Ford here 

The star of this look is the jacket from Penneys, it pulls the outfit together and was ideal for a busy day of events and meetings. You can recreate a look like this by shopping some of these similar style jackets, there are so many lovely options out there at the minute and embroidery is a hot trend that isn't going away any time soon!

This one is from River Island, it is a great length and fit with just enough detail in the distressed hem and rolled up sleeves make it super casual for summer days. Shop this jacket here.

This lightweight embroidered parka from ASOS has the most beautiful detailing and brings something a little different to your wardrobe while still being very wearable. Shop it here

This is called the Festival Jacket over on for all the right reasons! Breathe life into your new season wardrobe with this effortless pop of colour. Shop it here.

Check out this fab number from that will totally smarten up your summer look. This beautiful flower print and tailoring would look complete over any summer outfit from day to night. Shop it here.

If you love a good army print jacket this one from Nasty Gal could be your next best purchase! Check out the pocket and collar detailing for a relaxed look. Shop it here.

Let me know if you like this look and if you have a go at recreating it tag me on Instagram. I love seeing your pictures.

Happy Shopping,


Disclaimer - Some of these links are affiliated links with RewardStyle and a small amount of commission can be made through sales.

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