Tuesday 28 April 2015

Week 14 - I Lost 2 Stone

OMFG I finally did it....

For the last month I have been trying to get my 2 stone award and today is the day I did! You have no idea how happy I am and how proud of myself I am. When I joined Slimming World on the 20th of January I never imagined I would be down 2 stone in 14 weeks.  It really goes to show, if you work hard, change your mindset and your diet, you can achieve anything. This week I was down 1.5 pounds :)

I am now only 3 pounds away from my target. I am very happy with my weight now but would like to tone up and get fit. I fit comfortably into a size 10 now and feel confident in my skin. That is the most important thing for me. It doesn't really matter what the scales say, it is how I feel myself and how I feel when I look in the mirror. I love being able to wear clothes now that I wouldn't have even tried on 3 months ago.

With summer approaching quickly I am so glad I got my diet and weight loss journey started in the winter months. I won't be paranoid or self conscience this summer on holidays at the thought of wearing a bikini by the pool or shorts. That idea would have scared the life out of me a couple of months ago.

This is just a quick post to say thank you to all of you, my followers are so amazing, supportive and you all push me to do better every week. I get emails, comments and tweets everyday from you all telling me I am inspiring you and motivating you. Well, let me tell you, you all are inspiring me and pushing me because I don't want to let you all down.

This is only the beginning of my new healthy lifestyle and there is so much more to come from FacesByGrace. The next step is fitness. I really want to be fit and be able to run long distances, well like 10 km haha. With the help of my personal trainer Damy from @MethodFitness I will hopefully achieve these results by the summer.

This week I am recording my weekly food diary and will have that up by Sunday or Monday. I hope these posts don't get boring and help to motivate you to do something to benefit yourself.

Stay Happy & Healthy


Grace xox

Monday 27 April 2015

Its About Making Small Changes

Hey ladies,

Since uploading my last few transformation pictures I have been inundated with questions about how I lost the weight and i've been asked if I had tips when it comes to Slimming World or weight loss in general.

These before and after pictures keep shocking me. 

Apart from eliminating all the junk and crap food I ate before, I also cut down and practically stop having a lot of food that I normally wouldn't have taken much notice of before. Some of the meals I ate, before my weight loss began, never crossed my mind as being unhealthy or that they were contributing to my weight gain.

I used to order a bagel or a wrap on my lunch break and think to myself I was being healthy because I didn't have a Mc Donalds or the likes. When I actually think about a wrap or a bagel they are extremely unhealthy. I would normally have it with mayo, cheese, hot chicken and salad with a side of crisps and washed down with a coffee. The only healthy part was the small bit salad on the side. There where so many factors that contributed to my gain but the minute I changed my diet the weight started to fall off me! Literally.

I started swapping many food for healthier options and stopped having butter, oils, sauces, full fat milk. I replaced these with light cream cheese, fry light spray, homemade syn free sauces, light mayo and skimmed milk. These are the little things you don't think of, well I certainly didn't. And I believe these changes have aided in the weight loss.

I stopped buying chocolate, fizzy drinks and crisps. I must of had one of each every few days. Now I have water and the odd bit of chocolate. My motto is, if you don't buy it you can eat it.

I have also cut back so much on cheese. Cheese was my weakness, I used to have it before I ate a cheese sambo and in between meals I would snack on a slice of cheese. Not anymore, now I limit myself to 30 grams, if even, of Low Low cheese a day.

I rarely have bread and when I am looking for something filling and satisfying like bread I have a slims bagels. If you follow my snapchat story and on Instagram you will have seen I am obsessed with them.

When I am hungry or on the go I always try to have some fruit with me or a healthy option. It is so hard to eat for convenience instead of for health reasons.

The reason I post these blog posts is to try and get you to look at your own diet and see is there anything you can change to make it healthier and cleaner. Are you happy with you weight or could you work on it? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself and if the answer is no then do something about it. You're the only one that can. Let my journey be your motivation and enable you to see that it can be done.

I hope you found this post helpful.

Stay healthy and happy!


Grace xox

Thursday 23 April 2015

How I Stay Motivated

Hey dolls,

Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here. YAY

Today I wanted to share with you how I stay motivated. This isn't necessarily just to do with weight loss, I adapt the same ideas to most aspects of my life when trying to stay motivated and positive.

Rule No. 1-Think of the bigger picture!

Sometimes we take on so much that it can get quite overwhelming. In these situations we focus on the now too much instead of the end result. I can relate to this on my levels when it comes to my weight loss journey. I find myself concentrating too much on the current situation or my current mood. It could be the bar of chocolate I want to eat for comfort reasons, or I am disappointed if I haven't lost weight in a particular weigh in. This is when I have to think to myself and reassure myself that I need to look at the bigger picture and focus on the end result and how far I have come already.

Rule No. 2 - Be positive & grateful!

I constantly write gratitude lists and try to be as positive about every situation and possible. I find being grateful for the things I have, makes me even happier when I get what I worked hard for. I am a sucker for list writing and I also write down what I want to achieve and set goals for myself constantly. This helps motivate me even more and work harder for the things I really want. I also find the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction helps keep me going as I am forever telling myself what I want is so achievable, I just need to work towards it. I always remind myself, if I want it bad enough I will get it.

Rule No.3 - Never give up!

Sometime we take on too much and end up dropping out or letting go of something we were once so passionate about. I always find the work in between what you want and what you actually achieve is very hard. To quote a Miley Cyrus song, haha,  its always gonna be an uphill battle! Which is true, the hardest part is the way up but once you reach the top, the skies the limit! Whenever I feel like quitting I always remind myself of why I started in the first place.

There has been several times in my life when I felt like quitting, all through university I felt like giving up and dropping out. I just kept pushing myself and got there in the end. I was so happy I didn't quit and got my BA degree in the end.

Remember, everything seems so much harder when you are in the midst of it but once you get there and reflect, you see that you where a stronger person for not letting it get the better of you.

The main reason I stay motivated in terms of weight loss is because I fell a million times better about myself, my clothes all look so much better on me now and I am motivated everyday by my amazing followers who constantly remind me that I am inspiring them to do the same.

I want to thank you all for your continued love and support. I am not gonna stop now and neither should you

Stay strong and stay motivated 


Grace xox

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Why I Joined Slimming World

Hey dolls,

I get asked so often how I stay motivated and what pushed me to join Slimming World. Today I am going to share just that with you all and hopefully it will motivate you if you have lost your drive or even give you that push to starting.

So basically just after Christmas I said I was going to loose weight and get fit and healthy. Half the population in Ireland probably said the same thing. I had joined the gym in late November but it wasn't really doing anything for me and I wasn't really in the right frame of mind.

The week after New Years my mam suggested I join Slimming World or Weight Watchers. I looked at her as if she had ten heads and was extremely disgusted that she would even suggest such a thing, haha. My reply was ''I don't need to join something like that mam, I'm not THAT overweight!"

I had never joined such an organisation so I was very quick to pass judgement on it and dismiss the idea immediately. I'd the image in my head of very overweight people with serious health problem in these sorts of clubs. How very wrong I was!

It was only after my good friend Nikki joined and lost 5 pound in her first week that I really started to think about joining Slimming World. I toyed with the idea for a week and eventually promised Nic I would go with her the following Tuesday.

Tuesday came and I had planned to go with her that evening, but in the back of my mind I was thinking how will I come up with an excuse not to go. Long story short, I ended up going and during the "New Members" meeting I got a burst of excitement when I started to learn what Slimming World was all about. All it really is, is healthy clean eating, that is what I was used to from past diets and it was the journey I wanted to take myself anyway. I was excited to begin and haven't looked back since.

My starting weight was 13.3 and I set a goal 10 stone. I have since changed my target and you can read about that in yesterday post here I am now a happy size 10 and currently 11stone 4.5 pounds.

Here is a look at some of my before and after pictures - 

I am still on my journey and will forever be. I will stick to this healthy and clean eating now for the rest of my life.

I was shocked by the types of people in the group, it ranged from kids to older men and women, every age, shape and size in between. What really struck me was the openness, understanding and motivation of everyone in the class.

I know it can be a very daunting situation and joining on your own can be a bit nerve racking but everyone is so helpful and friendly. Everyone is there for the same reasons! To lose weight and be healthy. You're not alone and no one will judge you.

The thing I love about my group is my amazing consultant Miriam. She has been on her own incredible and inspiring journey and lost a massive amount of weight. So too have so many of the members. It really is a happy and motivating place and I always leave feeling so much better about the coming week, whether I lost, gained or maintain!

I hope this give a little insight into why I joined and what Slimming World is all about. I highly recommend it and have had a huge amount of people tell me that they've joined because of me. There is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling then knowing my weight loss journey is inspiring you to start your own. Slimming world is open to anyone. You can set your target as high or as low as you want. It is your journey at the end of the day.

I will leave you there and hopefully you will give it a thought!


Grace xox

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Slimming World Week 13 - Moving At A Slow Pace

Hello my lovelies,

I hope everyone is taking full advantage of the warm weather. I am currently chilling in my garden, baking in the heat.

Here is a little progress picture. There is a year in the difference. A size 14 to a size 10.

Today was Judgement Day.

As much as I wanted to loose the pound and a half to get my 2 stone award, in the back of my mind I had doubts. When I stepped on the scales and my weight had remained the same, I have to admit, I was gutted. In saying that, I had a funeral this week on top of a lot of events where there was yummy eats and treats. I hadn't been as strict on myself this week as I had in previous weeks. I think this was the kick up the butt I needed to make me see that I still have to work hard and not allow myself as many Syns as I have been.

One big problem I have is coffee. I am obsessed with flat whites, cappuccinos and lattes. This week I vow to steer clear of them and to make better food choices.

Another update from me is that I have changed my goal. When I joined SW 13 weeks ago my initial goal was to drop 3 stone 3 pounds which would make me bang on 10stone. After the weeks passed and my weight dropped, I reevaluated my goal and changed it.

Now I want to be 11 stone or just under that. When I set my goal I didn't really think about it. I just pulled a random number out of my head and said it. Now I fit comfortably into a size 10 top and bottom I feel that if I went to 10 stone I would be too thin. I am tall at 5:6 and am very curvy. I have an hourglass figure and I am very happy with how I feel now at my current weight.

All I want now is to get fit, continue to be healthy and tone up. From here on in it is more of a healthy and clean lifestyle I want to lead. I want to get into nutrient more, research and understand the types of food I eat. I want to lead a balanced life where I am able to have the odd takeaway or bar of chocolate but never go back to the way I was. I am so much more happy & confident now and have so much more energy and drive then before.

I love that my journey has inspired you all to do it too and thats what pushes me to go further. If you would like to keep up with my daily schedule, stay motivated and inspired then follow my snapchat - Facesbygrace23.

I will leave you with some healthy food ideas from my week.

Until next weeks update, stay healthy, stay happy and stay focused. Only you can change you. 


Grace xox

Friday 17 April 2015

#FridayFinds - Sleek Makeups Official Launch in Ireland

Hey my dolls,

TGIF is right and today I want to share with you some AMAZING, high quality makeup at an affordable price. Sleek is by far one of my favourite drug store makeup brands. I have been using it for years, evenmwhen it was only available in the UK. Every time I visited London I was always straight to Superdrug to stock up on my much loved Sleek products.

On Tuesday, I was kindly invited by the Publicity Loft to the official launch of Sleek Makeup here in Ireland. Although it has been on the shelves of many Boots and pharmacies, we never really had a proper welcome party for the brand. I was delighted with the lovely invite and was very impressed with the event. It was so cutesy and welcoming and I knew so many bloggers and vloggers that attended. It was like a nice night out for us girls to mingle over cupcakes, Rosé and makeup. Three of my faves haha.

As the event came to an end and we all said our goodbyes, Emily from the Publicity Loft presented me with a gorgeous goodie bag. She also sent me home with a box of macaroons and an absolutely beautiful flower arrangement. If you follow me on Snapchat I am sure you have seen it by now.

Anyway, I wanted to share some of the fab products Sleek Makeup has to offer us lovely Irish bunch. Check out your nearest Boots or pharmacy to see if they stock Sleek or check their website.

Trust me you will love them.

The I-Divine Palette €9.99 Buy Here

 I-Quad in Midnight Blues - €7.49 Buy Here

I-Quad in Moroccan Myrrh - €7.49 Buy Here

Face Form Contouring in Medium - €12.99 Buy Here

Brow Perfectors in Light & Dark Brown €5.99 Buy Here

Matte Me lipgloss in Rioja Red - €6.49 Buy Here

I cant rate Sleek Makeup higher. I have been a huge fan for years and so happy it is readily available in Ireland now. Follow Sleek on Twitter to keep up to date with new products and special offers.

Check out Sleek Makeup online to shop more of their gorgeous products 

Let me know your fave Sleek products in a comment below.


Grace xox


Thursday 9 April 2015

Summer Vibes - Outfit Of the Day

Hey my loves,

Today was a cracker of a day, almost 18 degrees in Dublin! That is unheard of in April. I took advantage of the sunny weather and went on a lovely walk with my mam, sister & coco the puggle :) We went to the Bohernabreena Reservoir and it was absolute amazing up there. I am so shocked that I have never been up there before.

Here is a look at my outfit. It is very fresh and summer and perfect for those warmer days. All items are currently in shops now so head out and pick them up if you like them.

Jeans (€50) are from River Island - Amelie - Buy Here
Sandals (€10) & Hobo bag (€5) - Pennys
Shirt (€10) is from Forever 21 - Buy Here
Bracelets are Alex and Ani
Watch is Michael Kors
Sun glasses are Vogue

I hope this outfits inspires you summer wardrobe. These jeans are so versatile and go with so many outfits.

Happy shopping and enjoy the nice weather.


Grace xox

Wednesday 8 April 2015

Slimming World Week 11 - Chilli Beef Recipe

Hey all,

I hope you all had a lovely and chocolate free Easter.... No, who am I kidding, I love chocolate but I kept it to a minimum this year. My mam and sister both got me a plant each :) I was delighted. I am obsessed with flowers. My mam also got me the mini lindt bunnies that are only 3 syns each so I have been rationing them for the week haha. I am trying to see how long the 6 will last but it's not looking good for those poor bunnies.

So a quick update on my weight loss. I lost half a pound this week. I was a bit gutted to be honest because I was hoping for 2 and a half pound but not to worry, I still am down which is great. I am pushing for the 2 pounds for this week and that will be 2 stone in 12 weeks which I can hardly believe myself.

So I posted a picture this week of mine and Christopher version of SW Chilli Beef and so many people wanted to know how to make it so I thought I would share it with you today.

You can add any veggies of your choice but this is our preference. Here is the original recipe but we tailored it to our taste. Chris likes to have his with nachos and this week for a change I had mine on an iceberg lettuce leaf and it was delightful.

Now I will share with you how we made ours. 

Firstly we browned of 95% fat free lean mince in garlic and added onions. In a separate pan we added all the veggies, chillis, peppers, mushrooms and once they were cooked we added kidney beans and a tin of chopped tomatoes. We seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin, chilli flakes and Worcestershire sauce and then mixed the mince mixture in with it. We then added a pint of beef stock to the mixture and a cup of rice. Next bring it to the boil then turn the heat down and allow to simmer while the rice cooks. We then transferred the chilli beef to a pyrex dish, topped with Low Low cheese and stuck it in the oven till the cheese melted and turned golden brown.

After all your hard work the only thing left to do is sit down and enjoy your homemade chilli beef. I really hope you give it a go, it is one of my favourite meals and something myself and Chris love cooking together.

If you would like more post like this please let me know and to keep up to date with my daily meals and motivation then follow me on snapchat - Facesbygrace23

See you same time next week :)


Grace xox


Friday 3 April 2015

Kinvara Skincare - My Skincare Routine

Hey dolls,

So many people have been asking me what skincare products I use and I have wanted to write a review on my fave for the longest time. I have featured Kinvara Skincare on my YouTube Channel and on my Instagram but never gone in dept on the range before.

I started using the Active Rosehip Day Cream last June when SoSueMe gave me a pot to try. I always trust Suzanne with her recommendations because she knows her stuff when it comes to beauty. After I finished the day cream I knew I had to repurchase it and also wanted to try the Rosehip Face Serum as Sue had said it was one of her desert island products. Kinvara also sent me their award winning Absolute Cleansing Oil to try out.

I have been using these three products daily and I have to say I am obsessed. They not only smell so divine, they are so refreshing and nourishing on my skin. Each product has its own unique smell and is infused with so many organic ingredients. The thing I love about all the Kinvara products is the way my skin feels just after I have applied them. My skin always feels so soft and the products are so luxurious, I feel like I've been for a facial everyday.

Lets get into each product indiviually.

Active Rosehip Day Cream - €24

This baby is by far my favourite product from the range. It smells of lavender which if one of my favourite scents, it also leaves my skin feeling like silk without any residue left on my skin. I can apply my foundation almost immediately after apply this cream and it provides an even canvas so that my foundation glides on flawlessly.

It is clear from the list of ingredients that Kinvara only use the best and most natural. I read on the Kinvara website that they love the old adage that, 'Food is medicine'! So if 93% of their ingredients are from edible food source, then it says a lot about their products.

Rosehip Face Serum - €28

This face serum is unlike any serum I have ever tried before, it is so fresh and packed full of amazing fruit extracts and essential oils, it leaves my skin so smoothe and refreshed. I use it twice daily before my face cream and sometimes, this alone is enough to hydrate my skin. I sometimes apply two pumps of the serum on days when my skin is looking a little dull. By morning it is glowing and plump again. 

I cant rate this serum high enough. It is so amazing.

Absolute Cleansing Oil - €20

After featuring this cleanser in my January Favourites video the Kinvara team contacted me to let me know I wasn't using the product correctly and to get the most from this product you are supposed to use it on damp skin, massage it in for a minute or two and rinse off with warm water and a face cloth. Since then this product has been a game changer. I have never found a cleanser that removes a full face of makeup and removes the Inglot waterproof eyeliner and the Benefit They're Real mascara so easily. This absolute cleansing oil breaks down everything and removes all dirt, oils and makeup in minutes. It use this with the Nima Mitt and it makes taking my make up so much more of a pleasure than a chore.

 Hands down best makeup remover I have ever used.

If you are looking to change up our  skincare routine and invest in some good quality products that your skin will thank you for, then I recommend trying out Kinvara Skincare. It gets two massive thumbs up from me and I can't see myself changing my skincare products anytime soon. 

As long as Kinvara keep making them I will keep buying them.

I hope you liked that review and let me know in a comment if you have tried any of these products.


Grace xox

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