Friday 16 January 2015

Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara Review & Demo

Hi ladies,

Today I bring you exciting news of a brand new product that is launching with Benefit Cosmetics on the 28th of January.

I was kindly invited to the launch of Benefit's brand new mascara "Roller Lash" on Wednesday and was so excited to attend. I met with my amazing Youtuber friends, Melanie Murphy and Eimear Byrne and we headed to the event.

We were blown away at the amazing set up Benefit had for this launch party. A huge truck was fully decked out to resemble a 60's hair salon. It was incredible and we were all very excited to hear about Benefits new baby. Mark Rogers spoke and demoed the new mascara and went into so much detail about the research and reasoning behind "Roller Lash" which I am very honoured to be able to share with you now.

Benefit wanted to create a mascara that would cater to customers with very straight lashes and  smaller eyes. They wanted to create something that would really curl, lift and hold the lashes in place all day, and that, they did. The inspiration behind Benefits "Roller Lash" was hair rollers. They are the one hair tool that women have used for years and that work best. They wanted to create a mascara that would mimic hair rollers and that was when "Roller Lash" mascara was born.

Months of research and development (with a few tiny hiccups along the way) went into creating this product.

The end result is outstanding and can be see for themselves in below pictures.

The lashes appear lifted, fuller and blacker than black. Exactly what all women want!

I tested it myself :) 



My review and demo of Roller Lash

Let's get into the mechanics of this product

The Brush -
The brush or wand of a mascara is the most important factor when considering a good mascara. It can make or break a look. Benefit created a few different brushes before hitting the jackpot with this bad boy. It is almost invisible to the naked eye but this brush contains tiny hooks (like those in hair rollers) that catch and lift each hair of your lashes creating the curl we all desire! 

You can barely see them in this photograph but believe me they are there :)

The Formula -
The formula itself also plays a vital roll in the overall payoff of mascara application. Benefit has created a formula for "Roller Lash" that has 12-hour curve setting power (tried and tested). Perfect ink black shade, lash conditioning ingredients (which protect and repair lashes and help to build up the mascara) and is also easy to remove (unlike "They're Real"). With all of these combined, Benefit has created the perfect mascara for every lady. What more could we ask for.

The Wiper -
This is a part of the product that many people aren't aware of and is the part inside the mascara tube that prevents too much mascara from leaving the tube and delivers the precise amount of product for ideal payoff.

The Results -

97% said it visibly lifts lashes
87% said it gives long-lasting curl
94% said eyes look more wide open!

Now all thats left for me to say is go out and pick a tube up for yourself to see how amazing it is! I was blown away by this product and couldn't wait to get home and try it out myself.

Hope you enjoys & stay tuned for more :)


Grace xox
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