Sunday 4 March 2018

My Top Products From Mustela

Hey dolls,

I'm so excited to share this blog post with you all. I was first introduced to Mustela, one of Europe's leading Mother and Baby brands, last summer when I spotted it in the airport.

I was so intrigued because I had never heard of a baby floral water before. Christopher's Mam said she always used one when they were little and even used it to scent the room after changing nappies. It is one thing I definitely use it for!

Since starting to use their products last year I've fallen in love with so many of them but I wanted to pick my top 5 that stood out to me the most and let you know what I think is so special about them.

 This blog post is sponsored by Mustela, all my opinions are my own.

Last summer, I met with Mustela to learn a bit about the products and why this is such a special brand. If I'm being honest, I barely knew anything about the brand before I met them and it was so interesting to learn about the background of Mustela and how much research goes into developing their products. It is now a staple in Sienna's skincare routine.

Just to give a little bit of background about  Mustela for those of you who haven't tried it yet, it is a French brand and their baby range contains amazing ingredients such as Avocado Perseose, Sunflower, Shea and Aloe Vera. These all contain calming and nourishing properties which are ideal for new-born baby's skin and are also hypoallergenic.

Newborn babies skin is extremely vulnerable for the first two years so it's important to use products that will protect its natural barrier. Avocado Perseose, which is a molecule extracted from the avocado, perfectly mimics the skin of a baby, meaning it works in harmony with the skin for optimum efficiency and tolerance.

After our meeting with Mustela, they kindly gifted me with some products to try out and see how I got on with them. They quickly became part of mine and Sienna's skincare routine. Yes, I do use the lotion on myself from time to time, it smells so nice and it's so nourishing! The first thing that drew me to the brand was the scent, it literally reminded me of that newborn smell we all obsess about, then after using many products from their range I started to fall more in love with the brand.

Here are my top five favourites: 

Mustela 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream

The Vitamin Barrier Cream is a must for changing Sienna's nappy. It has 3 great benefits - it protects and prevents irritation at each change, it relieves from first application and this helps repair the area from nappy rash, redness and irritation.

It's the only nappy cream that is effective against all causes of redness and pain. The Avocado Perseose, Mustela's patented natural ingrident, reinforces the skin barrier and protects stem-cell reserves. I have one in my changing bad and one on my changing table, it's a must for me.

Mustela Baby Oil

The baby oil is one of the products I've recently started to use from their range and from the first use I loved it and so did Sienna. When she was 2 weeks old I did a baby massage course and I found it great for getting her to relax and have a really good night's sleep.

I use the baby oil after her bath and she thinks it's a fun game now, I squirt a little on her tummy and she rubs it in. I get to her toes and she's so chilled she's nearly asleep. It's so hydrating and leaves her skin so soft.

Mustela No-Rinse Cleansing Water

I had never seen or heard of a  baby rinsing water until I was introduced to Mustela. I pop some on cotton wool to cleanse her face morning and night and it just leave her skin refreshed and clean. It contains avocado so again very moisturising on her skin. You can also use this when changing nappies and I've done this on serval occasions.

Mustela Musti  Floral Water

Musti has to be the star of the show for me, I'm so in love with the scent sometimes I spray it on myself to freshen up. I always ask her if she wants to spray it on in the mornings after I dress her, and she always nods and smiles and waits with eyes closed as I spritz a small amount onto the back of her head. It's a sweet scent and the bottle is adorable.

Mustela Multi-Sensory Bubble Bath

Bath time has to be my favourite time with Sienna, it always has been since she was a tiny baby. It's such a nice time for her to wind down and play around and she loved the bubbles the Multi- Sensory Bubble Bath. The bubble bath is a bright blue colour and she is fascinated when I pour some out onto her sponge. It contains the same fragrance as the Musti Floral Water and it get us into a good night time routine.

Mustela is available in Lloyds, Careplus and selected pharmacies nationwide! 
From today March 4th -11th you can get 20% off all Mustela products in Lloyds pharmacies!

I really hope you enjoyed that post and if you are interested in trying some of the products, I highly recommend them. 

Love Grace xox

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