Tuesday 6 February 2018

Cosy & Casual For A Day In Town

Hey dolls,
Well the snow is back and it's straight back into boots, cosy knits and turtle necks for me. I was in town ALL day yesterday and I wanted to make sure I was prepared for the weather. I even brought another jumper in my backpack just in case haha.

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Dressing for a busy day in town can be hard because you want to look good, feel good, be on trend all while trying to be comfortable and cosy to get work done and carry plenty of bags around.

This is a simple look that anyone can pull off with some key pieces like this midi length warm and cosy cardigan that looks smart because of the shape but also is casual enough to be comfortable.

Shop some similar styles of cosy everyday coats that still look smart below by clicking on the pictures.

There is nothing like a good chunky knit scarf to keep you warm and cosy. Why not make your scarf part of your look? Get a good quality one in a colour that will go with most of the clothes you already have. If you don't already own a big blanket scarf, you are missing out!

When it comes to bags everyone is different, some of us love a big bag to throw everything in and it ends up weighing a tonne and some of us just bring essentials with us and end up forgetting something! A backpack or bucket bag can really help you to get organised because it makes you think about the space and it definitely helps to free up your hands when out and about running around.

I hope you get some inspiration for these cold and frosty mornings, layering is key for me :)

Happy Shopping!

Love Grace xox

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