Wednesday 30 April 2014

Meeting the Makeup Fairy

Hi girlies,

Welcome back, I hope you had a lovely weekend. Todays post is about the master class I attended in Inglot on St Anne's street south on Sunday. The class was held by the fabulous Joanne Larby, otherwise know as the Makeup Fairy. 

I have been the biggest fan of Joanne's for the  longest time and have always wanted to meet her. I have been a fan since even before she started YouTube. After watching her videos I knew she was a genuine and lovely person, at least that's how she came across in her videos. I was not mistaken. She was an absolute lady in person, so bubbly, funny and just a pleasure.

The master class was a three hour class where Joanne talked about her success and her background, she also recreated two looks she had recently filmed on her YouTube channel and had a Q&A throughout. She was very funny and very honest which I loved about her. The looks were fabulous, she is an incredabily talented MUA. She talked through everything she was doing and why she was doing it. 
Although I am a makeup artist myself I still picked up a lot of tips. A makeup artist is always learning of course. 
Here are a look at the looks Joanne created. The first was Khloe Kardashian inspired and was one of Joanne's latest looks she recreated for her YouTube channel. 

Joanne used cream products to achieve this gorgeous contoured look which I loved. The lips where kept matte with this vibrant red lipstick and the eyes were very simple with just a wash of colour. Lashes were then added to perfect the look. This look is nearly identical to that of Khloes.

The next and final look was my favourite of the two as it was very dramatic and the use of colour to achieve this look was fab. It was a cranberry and plum smokey eye with a blend of matte black. I adore this look and is definately something I would wear myself on a night out. I think I might have to recreate this myself.

The lips were kept nude so they did not over power the look as the eyes were so dramatic. Perfect for any night out.

After both looks we're complete I got a chance to have a little chat with Joanne and she also got in a short vlog with me which is now on my channel. I was so honoured that she would be in my video. She also shared it on her social media sites which was so kind. She gave me great advice and told me not to give up.

I really enjoyed that class and would definately attend another she is holding. I recommend this master class to anyone wanting to learn about makeup or brush up on their skills. I felt so inspired after leaving the class and was so excited to get home and edit my vlog. I am sure I will met her again she is such a lovely lady. 

If you haven't subscribe to her channel or checked out her blog then you need to. I am sure you will love her as much as I did.

Keep an eye out for a makeup collaboration coming soon from me and the gorgeous makeupfairy. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. 

I am also going to Cork on Wednesday to meet the lovely makeupchair and makeupbysaz so will be vlogging then too. Subscribe to my channel and keep an eye out for that video

Lots of love

Facesbygrace23 xoxo

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