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Hey Girls.

I know its been awhile since I blogged but I haven't really had a minute to myself. I recently started working full time and I am also doing a manicure and pedicure course two nights a week, I am trying to keep up to date with my YouTube channel also. I  am only home from a weeks holidays in Tunisia, which was amazing and I will have videos and blog posts coming soon. 

Enough excuses lets get straight into the blog post. 

Today I want to talk about some of the beauty and makeup products that stood out to me in the month of May. I also have some more non beauty related topics to discuss and a hole loads of new YouTubers I have been obsessing over this month that I think you need to check out.

To start of I am going to talk about beauty products as I have a few. First is a cuticle oil have have been using religiously and it is the Skin Truth Cuticle Oil. I have very dry broken cuticle and I tend to bite them sub-consciencely. It is not very attractive and as I am doing the manicure course I have been very conscience of my nails and taking care of them. I keep my oil in my handbag and also on my bed side locker and try to use it twice a day. I have seen a massive difference in the condition of my cuticles and my nails themselves. you don't need to go out and buy an expensive oil for your cuticles any one will do. This oil retails under €2.50 and is an absolute steal. i have been using the products for over 2 months now and only half way through the bottle. you can also use any oil that you have around your home e.g. Olive oil, cocoanut oil or rap seed oil. 

Next favourite is an eye cream from Arbonne. This sample was sent to me recently and I fell in love with it. It is so hydrating on the eyes. I apply this at night and the next morning the difference in the appearance in my eyes is huge. I have very dehydrated eyes and dark circles. this leaves my eyes feeling fresh and soft. I will be buying a full size version of this bad boy.

Another beauty favourite was a last minute purchase for me as i approached the tills to pay for some clothes in forever21. I had seen this cleansing brush a few days previous and wonder what it would be like. Little did I know how much I would fall in love with it. It has the softest bristles I have ever felt IN MY LIFE!!!  I apply some of my Purity cleanser to my skin and a small amount to the brush and massage it into my skin for about a minute. It removes all makeup and really deep cleans the skin. This cleansing brush it my answer to the Clarasonic and at €4.95 you really can't go wrong. As far as I know it is still available in forever21 so definitely check it out.

Last beauty Product I want to rave about is my Purity Cleanser. I have previous talked about this product in my current favourites video with the makeup chair but i have found a whole new purpose for this cleanser. I have recently started to deep clean my foundation brushes with my cleanser and they have never been cleaner. This week I also washed my hair with the cleanser to remove an product build up that shampoos can't seem to get out. I am still in shock at how amazing this has worked for my hair and how soft and manageable it has left my hair. I will be doing this once a month from now on to deep clean my hair. I recommend you try this with your cleanser and see how it works for you.

Moving on to Makeup products the first one is an eyeliner from Loreal. I recently picked this up in duty free on my way home from Tunisia. It doesn't out do my favourite eyeliner, the Catrice liquid eyeliner but it is up there with it. This eyeliner is extremely easy to work with and leaves you with the most perfect thin eyeliner. The only downfall with this eyeliner is it is not a very dark black. I like my eyeliner to be extremely pigmented and to stand out. Apart from that it is an amazing eyeliner.

This month i only have two makeup products to talk about. The last product is a MAC lipstick. it is the Nicki Manaj Viva Glam. I love this product for the summer months because the colour is to die for and is extremely pigmented. It also smells devine which i love about MAV lippies.

That sums up all my beauty and makeup faves of the months, now to move on to non beauty related.

First is a book I recently read and it is ''The Fault in our Stars'' by John Green. Everyone is talking about this book and the movie is out mid June. I have never cried reading a book but this one had me sobbing. I won't say much on it because I don't want to spoil it but if you are looking for a book to read by the pool this summer then this is it.

Next is my favourite song of the month and it is ''Salute'' by Little Mix. I am obsessed with this song and if i am going for a run or getting ready for a night out then it really gets me in the mood.

I recently watched two movies in the cinema that I loved. They were Xmen & Malifecent. Two huge movies out this month and neither one disappointed. The production of both movies were epic.

Last but not least I want to talk about 4 YouTubers that I have been totally and completely obsessed with for the month of May. Some are new to me and some are old faves but this month I have been obsessed with all four and would you love to check them out and show them some love.

In no particular order

The first is the gorgeous Sian from Sianshutterbug. I have know idea how i found Sian's channel but i instantly fell in love with her. She is not only gorgeous but her style in unreal and i love just listening to her chatty videos. I definitely think you need to check her out you won't be disappointed.

Next is my home girl Melanie from MelanieMurphy. She is Irish and one of my Favourite girls to watch on YouTube. Her channel has taken out and I am so proud of her. She is doing great work and deserves it. She is absolutely Hilar and has me LOLLING at every video. she is so sweet, honest and beautiful. Please go show her some love.

Next up is Kassie from Cloudyapples. During May Melanie actually tweeted about Kassie and i just clicked on to have a nose! Aren't i glad i did because this girl is one of the most beautiful, talent and intellectual girls I have ever come across on youtube. I am obsessed with watching all her videos and would love to be her friend haha. I recently watched her draw my life video and was in tear. this girl has endured so much in her life and is still so positive. She is an inspiration to us all. please share some love with Kassie.

Last but by no means least is Anna from Viviannadoesmakeup. I have been following Anna for year but during May i have become completely obsessed with her Vlogs. I love her style and the way she shoots her vlogs and she is so inspiring to be. She is so pretty and i love her makeup and fashion style. she is an all round amazing youtuber.

that is it for my May Favourites. I hope you enjoyed this Vlog. Please tweet me you May faves or products you think i need to try. show all the girls some love and i will talk to you very soon.

Here is a link to my May Favourites Video:

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