Thursday 11 September 2014

My weight loss journey - 26 pounds down

Since putting up pictures of my weight loss journey on my Instagram I have been inundated with people asking me what I have done and if I have any tips for them.

I have planned to do a video of my weight loss and all the measures I have taken to lose the weight. To date I have lost 26lb/ 11.5kg and that was through a clean balanced diet. 

The rule of weight loss is simple - 80% clean healthy diet 20%  exercise. 

I must admit I haven't done much exercise at all to lose weight but I have an active lifestyle and work on my feet 40 hours a week.

Many people ask me what exactly a clean diet is. Basically if it doesn't grow on the ground and is processed by man it is not clean. All things natural are clean, anything else that has been processed you may as well be eating rubbish. Much of the processed foods (white bread/ cereals/ noodles/ sodas etc) are full of sugar which in turn turns straight into fat.

The image below always stays in mind and before I think of drinking a can of coke or a bottle of fruit juice I think of this

Rethink Before You Drink

Up until last year I never realised the huge amount of sugar that is in most of the food and drink we consume. One can of coke has 23grams of sugar which is a scary amount if you are gulping back a can a day. Sugar has no nutritional  benefits it is just stored as fat, causes diabetes and causes cellulite.

Sugar is found in nearly everything and even in foods that you may consider healthy like yogurts and granola. They too have a large sugar content so stir clear of them and try natural yogurt, greek style yogurt or my new favourite soya yogurt. It contains the lowest sugar and fat count and is delicious too. I substitute granola for oats and chia seeds and mix that over some berries in the morning.

Here is a look at a basic daily meal plan for me

  • mixed fresh berries covered in soya yogurt and topped with raw porridge oats and chia seeds
  • water/ tea or coffee


  • piece of fruit ie banana or apple

  • a handful of nuts (almonds are best)

  • homemade soup
  • Scottish oat cakes with hummus
  • green tea

  • lean meat or fish
  • quinoa
  • mixed veg

  • dark chocolate rich cake & a cup of tea

This is just an example of one day but I try to mix it up during the week so that I don't get bored. I will often have salads or an omelette for lunch or dinner. I do let myself have treats every now and again and I do indulge in a take away once in a while, if not I think id go completely bananas.

For me this isnt a diet it is a new lifestyle that I will be taking with me through out the rest of my life. I have cut out almost all white carbs and foods containing high sugar and fats and opt for healthier clean options.

Also another measure I have taken while on this weight loss journey was using belly and chin wraps and I feel they worked amazingly for me as you can see in the pictures below. You can read more about them and purchase them here

I also have been drinking a detox tea from a brand called Your Tea. You can read more about them here - YourTea I was using the tiny teatox which aids in weight loss and helps with bloating. I found it excellent and will carry on drinking it as part of my daily routine.


If you have any more questions leave them below and I will answer them in my upcoming video

I hope you all will join me on this new clean and healthy lifestyle journey

Love Grace x

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