Tuesday 15 September 2015


About bloody time I hear you say. I know, right!!! I've had a rough few weeks with Slimming World and gaining weigh but this week I mixed it up and I think it was my best week in months. Just randomly on Friday I decided to follow the SP plan (I'll explain it later) and I'm so happy I did because it worked. I literally thought I was going to have a melt down or leave Slimming World if I didn't have a loss soon. Finally the week came and I've decided that going forward, the 4 days prior to weigh in I'll follow the SP plan.

So what is SP I hear you ask. Its pretty easy, on the SP plan you stick to foods that have S and P beside them in your slimming world book and have as much of them as possible. On this plan you get two HEB's (Healthy Extra B's) which makes me so happy because I can have two weetabix and my bagels. Happy Out!!! You have to avoid all other free food that aren't SP like bananas, grapes, blueberries & sweet potato but you can have 15 syns a day on SP. It's that simple, keep your slimming world book near for reference and you wont go wrong. This plan is great for a boost and a quick loss. I found it really worked for me so as I said I am going to follow the regular Extra Easy plan the 3 days post weigh in and SP the 4 days prior to weigh in! Hopefully this works and I can have a loss next week.

A lot of you where asking to know what I was eating on my SP days. Day 1 I started with 2 weetabix and lots of speed fruit. For lunch I had a bagel with some Slim Valley sausages (which are free and 100% fat free and can be found here ) and bacon medallions with two poached eggs and spinach. I snacked on fruit like apples and peaches but I did forget that bananas weren't speed. For dinner on day 1 myself and Christopher made chicken fajita with lots of speed veg. Instead of the wraps I had mine in a leaf of iceberg lettuce. It was so delicious.

On Day 2 I pretty much had the same breakfast, lunch and snacks but for dinner we made spaghetti bolognese but instead of pasta I made my own pasta from courgette and carrots using a spirializer that I got in Home Store & more. It was so surprisingly tasty that I went back for seconds and thankful it was free so I could fill up on it and not feel guilty. It didn't leave me stuffed or bloated like pasta usually would.

Day 3 I had the weetabix and berries again and then for lunch I had a bagel with spinach, chicken and poached eggs. Then for dinner I had a steak with lots of speed veg.

I feel like the SP days really contributed to my weight loss and I am so glad I did it. There are so many different meals you can make on it you just need to be a bit more adventurous. If you are in a rut and are struggling each week like I was I would definitely recommend trying the SP plan and see how you go. On that note I am starving and I am off to make dinner ( chicken kebabs from Slim Valley and sweet potato fries, in case you were wondering haha)

I hope this helps & good luck with this week.


Stay Healthy & Happy

Love Grace xox
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