I Got Clear Braces....

Hey dolls,

If you've been following me on snapchat this week you'll know I got my Invisalign with I'm still getting used to them and I'm so excited for my teeth to be straight.  I've wanted to get braces for a couple of years now and after seeing the amazing transformation Christopher has had with his teeth I knew they were the ones I wanted to go for.

My issue with my teeth is mostly that my bottom teeth have moved and started to turn in as a result of my wisdom teeth coming up and putting pressure on my bottom teeth. I have been going to Chatham Street Dentist for the last couple of months and when I brought up my concerns with my teeth they highly recommend I go for clear braces. As I work a lot on camera I was always so self conscious of my bottom teeth. After I had my consultation with Dr Kevin Murphy in Chatham Street Dental he recommended I go for Invisalign.

I had my impressions taken and 6 weeks on I'm one week into my journey to straight teeth. The process has been so quick and pain free, everyone has said they didn't even realise I was wearing braces. That is the beauty of clear braces, they are practically invisible :) I've to wear them for 22 hours a day and I take them out to eat and to clean my teeth.

I feel like I have adapted to them so well because before starting with them I whitened my teeth and had to wear the  whitening kit over night. I got used to sleeping with them in and now it feels so normal to fall asleep with my braces in.

The first couple of days I had some slight discomfort and had some mouth ulcers flare up but my dentist & Chris assured me that it was normal and now my mouth feels normal now. My voice is also a little different but hopefully I will get used to them and it will go back to normal soon. I know it is still early days but I am so excited to see my teeth transform.

Here are some pictures of how my teeth are now and I will do an update in a couple of months.

This is one of me wearing them, I love that you can't even tell.

Sorry for the up close look in my mouth haha. 
If you have any questions in the mean time just leave a comment below & I will get back to you.

Love Grace xox



  1. Your teeth already look great (from what I can tell) so they'll probably look amazing once you're done with the braces! And you really can't tell that you're wearing them in that picture, which is just awesome. Wish they would've had braces like this when I was in school! ;)

    Sarah |

  2. Thanks for this post Grace! I really want to get clear braces! you actually can't tell your wearing them in the pic!!

    Elizabeth x

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  5. That is the beauty of clear braces, they are practically invisible :) I've to wear them for 22 hours a day and I take them out to eat and to clean my teeth.

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