Saturday 23 January 2016

A Little Trip To London

Hey gals,

Myself and Christopher took a trip to London this week, we want to do more travel this year so London was first on our list. We didn't want to shop all we wanted to do was wander and see all the sights. We walked miles to see everything and really enjoyed it. We visited Camden, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, The West End, Leister Square, and Covent Garden.

Lauren gave me a list of places to visit and I trust her restaurant recommendations, that girl knows best. The first place we stopped off in was Five Guys, we had the most amazing burgers. Then we bought tickets to see Wicked. I was soon excited to see this show and it didn't disappoint, it was so good. We walked to Buckingham palace, all along the Thames, over the Waterloo Bridge and up to Westminster Abbey.

Day 2 we headed back into the city and went to a lovely Mexican called Chiquito. We enjoyed burritos and cocktails before heading down to Borough Market and walking to look at Tower Bridge.

On our last day we head to Camdem and enjoyed brunch in The Diner. We walked around the town then headed into Marble Arch, walked down Oxford St and enjoyed a coffee in Le Pain Quotidien.

That was it for our first little trip, now to book our next one, if you have any ideas leave them for me in a comment below.

Hope you enjoyed a little taste of London.

Love Grace xox
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