Friday 18 January 2019

Getting Gym Ready in January

Hey Dolls,
Hope you are all settling into the new year okay and not suffering too badly from the January blues! One way to get yourself out of a new year rut and give yourself a boost is to start a form of exercise that you enjoy. Whether that means going for a walk in the evening or signing up to a month at the gym, it is well known that people love a good health kick at this time of year!

Some people take to exercise easily and it becomes second nature, others need some motivation.

A new set of gym gear can be that little burst of motivation you need to want to workout. Knowing that you have a new pair of gym leggings to try, new runners to break in or a new sports bra can give you the push you need!

Disclaimer - Some of the links in this blog post are affiliate links with RewardStyle, I earn a small amount of commissions from the programme but it doesn't cost you anything else to shop through my links.  I just love to share some of my favourite pieces with you all.

There are lots of different types and brands of gym gear out there, especially this time of year but we have picked some of the really nice sets to show you. Just like everyday clothes, we all have our own styles and preferences when it comes to gym gear too from floral prints and mesh to plain black or white, there is something for everyone!

This gear ranges from sports clothes outlets to high street, all designed to help you achieve your exercise goals in 2019.






Maternity Gym Gear

Top Three Favourites 

Check out my top three favourite items of gym gear spotted doing this post!
These reversible leggings are super cute and they are from Sweaty Betty, a brand that is well known for good gym gear! This is one of the nicest designs out there and they are reversible which is always handy! Shop here.
For any mums to be who want to continue working out during pregnancy these leggings from ASOS are really cool with the mesh on bottom and support for bump on top. Cheap as chips too! Shop here.
For lots of mums to be, gym time can also mean swim time! Swimming is a great way to get some gentle cardio in so why not look fab doing it with this pretty swimsuit from Debenhams! Shop here.

Hope you got some gym gear inspiration and motivation from this post whether you are a regular gym goer or new to it for a fresh start to the new year, you can count on a new set of gym clothes to give you that extra push you need!

Happy shopping,
Grace xoxo

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