Sunday 20 January 2019

How to dress your bump WITHOUT maternity clothes!

Hey Dolls, 

Hope you are all well! This post is for any mama’s or mama’s to be out there who know what it is like to try to style a growing baby bump in a way that suits you and is still comfortable without buying a totally seperate maternity wardrobe! 

It’s so important to invest your money in clothes that you can wear again after you have given birth to make sure you get the most out of them and so you aren’t just buying clothes that fit you once and then never again!

This blog post will look at some of the different styles of clothes that you could get away with wearing both when you are pregnant and postpartum.

Disclaimer - Some of the links in this blog post are affiliate links with RewardStyle, I earn a small amount of commissions from the programme but it doesn't cost you anything else to shop through my links.  I just love to share some of my favourite pieces with you all.

Your body will change so much from the first month of pregnancy to when you start to notice your regular jeans don’t fit and right up until your poppin’ a proper bump, every month you will be getting bigger and bigger. 

The main thing to do in order to find clothes that will fit throughout pregnancy and after is to focus on material. You want jersey materials, knits and anything that is going to stretch with you and snap back into shape after birth too. Length is your friend in dresses and tops, a long top when you are not pregnant becomes a normal top when you have a bump to cover! Anything 'oversized' before you are pregnant can also work as your bump grows fitting snug under things like jumper dresses or coats. 

While most clothes will be tight and snug around your bump, a great way to feel more comfortable is to layer up with flowing kimonos or light jackets. This can help to boost your confidence and inject some colour and patterns into your maternity style. Oversized, boxy fit dresses that don't cling to any part of you are also a great option. Cute little details like frill sleeves or pockets can jazz up a look like this if it feels too plain. 

Fully fitting bodycon dresses that stretch with you are super cute to highlight your growing bump and they can be really comfortable after pregnancy too. These dresses can feel like a second skin, they hold their shape and are super stylish during and after baby is born. 

Any tops or dresses that have elastic right under the boob area will be your friend. This will synch you in at the smallest part of your waist and flow out over your bump. This can also be super comfy after birth as your body is adjusting.

Ruching is one of the key trends coming back in for spring/summer 2019 and it is perfect for anyone with a growing bump. The elastic sides on ruched tops and dresses will allow the clothes to grow with you and also snap back into shape to fit you again after. 

This fab black ruched top is new stock in River Island which is a signal for trends that are set to come in for spring. It could take you from casual day wear to a great office look or even a nighttime look. Shop this top here.

This oversized snake print button blouse will flow over your belly as your baby grows, perfect to wear in the early stages of pregnancy and again after. Create a super simple look with your favourite jeans, leggings or pencil skirt. Shop here.

An oversized jumper is always a great go-to look, the perfect mix of comfort and style. To nail this look before, during and after pregnancy go for a slouchy, oversized, boyfriend style like this beautiful grey knit from Missguided. This is such a good shape, you can wear a cami underneath to feel more comfortable if needed and this will last you year after year! Shop here.

Another fab and comfortable way to jazz up your maternity style with clothes that you can wear over and over is to invest in some printed or colourful cardigans and jackets. This way you can have staple, plain maternity t-shirts in neutral block colours that you can wear throughout pregnancy but an open style cardigan without buttons or clasps can go over this plain look to create your own style whether you are pregnant or not. This is a super cosy and a bold print, shop here.

For dressier occasions, this gorgeous grey leopard print dress flows in all the right places, it has beautiful detail on the neckline and will synch in your waist just under the boobs to show off your bump when you are pregnant but will be flowy when you are not. This is a cute look for summer with legs out or winter with tights and boots, shop here.

This oversized grey stretchy dress with the tie detail at the front is so stylish and imagine how cute it would be hugging your growing bump and it would still be comfortable on the stomach area after baby is born! Shop here.

A bodycon dress that stretches with you is such a great option to have in your wardrobe as your body changes. This one from ASOS is great for so many reasons, firstly at a glance it looks fab! It's jersey material so it is the perfect stretchy fabric before, during and after pregnancy. It has capped sleeves which lots of people love for comfort and it has that beautiful fish tail detailing at the bottom to balance out your curves! The best part is it's less than €17! (It's also available in petite, tall, curvy and maternity!) Shop this dress here.

If stripes and prints aren't your thing, maybe this versatile, minimalist jumpsuit is more up your street. This piece is great because you could have it in your wardrobe forever and take it out year after year finding new ways to style it. Again, it is jersey material, exactly what a bump needs to be comfortable. Before you are pregnant this oversized, flowy look is super stylish and boho for the summer but while you are pregnant you could wear this on holiday or even in colder months if you pop a little t-shirt underneath! The flowy light material will help keep you cool and you can layer up in colder seasons. Shop this jumpsuit here.

This genius design is another fabulous creation that will get you out of many bump-stylish situations! Midi skirts are so on trend, particularly animal print ones, you have all seen them! But, this black flowing midi skirt is so versatile you could pair it with a plain slogan t-shirt and runners or style it up with a sequin top and heels for a night out. The important things about it particular skirt is that it is jersey again and it has an elasticated waistband, this skirt can go right up over your bump and sit comfortable without digging into your ribs or fighting to get any zips up or buttons closed and it flows beautifully over your bump or just straight down again when you are not pregnant, another great piece of comfortable, stylish non-maternity to have for years! Shop here.

Layering will be your best friend when it comes to maternity style, you need to be able to cool down and warm up quickly at any time! A kimono is a great investment whether you are pregnant or not it is such a great style for layering and adding beautiful colours and prints to your look. The great things about kimonos for pregnancy are that they are made to flow, there is no pressure to close buttons or zips and they are designed to hang beautifully around your body as your baby grows leaving all the space in the world for your bump to be the centre of attention. Shop this beautiful kimono here.

Hope this blog post has helped you to get creative when it comes to shopping and styling before, during and after pregnancy. Steer clear of buttons and clasps, and restrictive materials or waist bands that won't stretch with you. If you feel like the colours and patterns are too plain pick up a beautiful kimono or animal print cardigan and always check the notes when online shopping to see what material the item you are buying is made of! Remember jersey and elastic are your friends and always dress to make yourself feel amazing!

Happy shopping,
Grace X

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