Tuesday 1 January 2019

My New Years Resolutions

Hey Dolls,

Looking back on 2018 and the New Year’s resolutions I made in 2017 I feel like I've continued to work on them and work towards the goals I set for myself. I hate the saying New Year, New Me, it never sits well with me because we never fully change, we can work on ourselves and better ourselves but we can't change ourselves completely.

This year I focused on looking after myself, distancing myself from negativity, whether that was in my life or the way I was thinking and I tried to use my platform and voice as best as I could to help and inspire others.

Looking forward into 2019 I know it's going to be a year of change, we will become parents to two and I can only imagine how much harder it's going to get but how much more rewarding it's going to be. We are so excited!!!!

My New Years Resolutions

  1. Mind my Mind -  I want to really look after myself and my mental health this year. I'm going to have two young babies who need me to be as strong as possible so I'm making my mental health a priority this year. I will continue to go to therapy, practice what I already know and keep my anxiety under control. I’m going to regularly do small things that will have a positive impact on my mind and that will help to keep me grounded and present. The biggest thing for me is losing myself in my thoughts and letting them take over. Small things I like to do to help is to check in with myself each day, ask myself how I'm doing and if I'm not feeling great I'll take a few minutes to figure out what I can do to change that and help myself ie. taking a walk, eating something, practicing some mindfulness, listen to some music (The Greatest Showman is the best thing to lift my mood) These small rituals I do every day massively impact my mood, how I am around others and how I deal with certain situations.
  2. Less Time Online - Fear not, I won't be dropping off the face of social media but I will be managing my time spent online better. As this is my job and I love to share so much, sometimes it can be overwhelming, it can delay me doing things and I can get lost in the online world. I want to set myself deadlines, get my work done and put the phone down so I can be present with my family and friends. Over the last few months, I’ve been integrating it into my daily life and I feel so much better for doing so. You might have noticed I share less but I try to make the content I am putting out better. I will have a camera in my hand more than my phone these days and I love how it evokes my creative side and gets me excited about the content I am creating. I do believe that less is more when the quality is better so in 2019 I am going to focus on only putting the best out there, being more organised with my time and managing it better. I never really have structure and I think that’s what I need more of in 2019.

I am not going to set myself a mad list of new year’s resolutions because I know it’s not possible to stick to everything. The above two are the biggest and most important things I want to focus on in 2019. Obviously, I want to be as healthy as possible for myself and my growing baby so I will get back to eating well and working out once the new year rings in.

If you haven't had a chance to think about your new year’s resolutions maybe take five, grab a coffee and a notepad and jot down what you'd like to focus on and what's important to you.

I hope you all had a fabulous New Years whatever you got up to and I hope 2019 brings you lots of love, laughter and fun times.

Love Grace xoxo
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