Friday 24 October 2014

Journey to Fitness - Yoga Hub

Hey lovelies,

As you all know I am on a journey to a new healthier and cleaner lifestyle. Although I have fallen off the wagon in the last few weeks I am jumping back up on to the bad boy. 

I have partnered up with Yoga Hub to bring you a various blog post about yoga and healthy eating.

Every Friday I will be bringing you a Friday Fitness post all about healthy eating and fitness. I hope you enjoy

Yoga hub is located in the heart of Dublin, in Camden place. It is a calm and relaxing studio where one can take time out from the busy lifestyle, de-stress, exercise and grab a bite to eat in their amazing vegan and gluten free cafe.


I had the pleasure of attending one of Sarah-Janes Yoga 1 classes last night and had an amazing experience. I have always been a fan of yoga in the past and used it as a great method last year while I was losing weight. 

It is one of my favourite ways to relax as well as exercise. There is a large misconception with yoga and many people believe it is all mediation. As the class begins and ends with slight meditation and mindfullness don't be fool, you will break a sweat. 

Depending on the type of yoga and the intensity of it will determine the level of exercise you do. 

In last nights class it was more of a beginners yoga where we learned to breathe properly and preformed some sun salutations.

Sarah- Jane lead us through our practise is a calm and relaxed manner but was always there to guild us in our movements.

I felt amazing after this hour long class, totally relaxed and slept like a baby last night.

I will definitely be keeping this up and have more blog post related to it. Yoga hub have a variety of different classes to suit everyone. 

             Visit their website here to learn more about them and view their time table

      I would recommend yoga to everyone, fitness fanatics, athletes, even pregnant women


                                          Grace xox

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