Monday 26 January 2015

Benefit Cosmetics "Puff Off" Review

Hi Girls

As you all will know from the late night and early morning post from me, I don't get much sleep. And when I do sleep it usually doesn't last very long.

I attended Benefits event two weeks ago and they unveiled their new product "Puff Off" I had a eureka moment when I stopped and thought "Yes Grace, this could be the answer to those puffy, dark eyes of yours" and boy was I right. I have been testing out "Puff Off" for the past two weeks and I had to share this amazing product with you gals.

Many women ( and men, we can't forget you lot) suffer with puffy, swollen under eyes due to the stress and strains of day to day life. Late nights, long days and the occasion all nighter which can lead to unattractive eyes the morning after.

Personally I find my eyes get sore and tired if I have done any of the above, or all of the above haha and nothing feels nicer then applying a product that will cool, calm and refresh those tired eyes.

Benefit have produced this amazing new instant eye gel to help smooth out the look of puffies.

To be honest, at first, I didn't care if this product worked or not, the packaging had me at Hello :) I am a sucker for cute packaging and Benefit you have really out done yourselves this time. It's a miniature iron for god sake! What girl in their right mind would pass this baby without a second glance. Some would want it, if for nothing else than a cute Instagram picture haha.

But seriously, the product actually does work and here is where it is going to be a game changer in your skincare routine.

This hypo-allergic, nickel free mini iron applicator fits perfectly into the inner corner of your eye, is cool on contact and irons away any fine lines and wrinkles. Genius! The formula of this gel helps to reduce puffiness and has a cooling agent that is so refreshing on the eyes.

I use "Puff Off" daily if not twice daily when I am having a particularly hard day. It has light diffusing particles that illuminate any under eye black bags and leaves that areas beautifully highlighted. I definitely feel and see a massive difference in my under eyes since using this product. My eyes which are normally dehydrated and dark, are now smooth as silk and brighter than ever.  It is now a staple in my beauty pamper routine and a makeup bag must have. I think it will be staying in mine for the long run.

I hope you girls go out and try it. "Puff Off" is launching in stores on January 31st and retails for€30.50

Buy if from Benefit Cosmetics here

Let me know if you try it out and thanks for dropping by.

Stay beautiful


Grace xox
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