Monday 23 February 2015

My Hair Extensions

Hey ladies,

As most of you already know, if you follow me on Instagram, I had a full head of extensions applied over 3 weeks ago. The reason I am only writing about it now is because I didn't want to rush into a review and then find out a week in that I hated them. 3 weeks later and it is safe to say I have been converted to hair extensions and I can't ever imagine not having them in.

I had a full head (125grams) of Italian  hair applied by the amazing Emma, in Platinum Luxury Hair. The transformation lasted about an hour and a half and I was blown away by the results. I never thought when I was asked to come in for a consultation that I was going to love them so much. I literally feel like a new women! (who knew hair could do that hahaha)

The studio where I had my hair done, as I said above, is Platinum Luxury hair, and is located in the heart of the city, just off Grafton Street. The studio has recently been revamped and looks amazing and so professional. 

Platinum's clientele range for your every day girl to high profile socialites and blogger such as Dramaticmac, Carla Jackson, Lisa Nolan, Geraldine O Callaghan, Janet Grogan, Tara O'Farrell, Chloe Boucher, Love by debs, Terrie Mcevoy, Anouska Proetta Brandan, Sharleen Collins, Kim Flood, Rocababe and Little Kiva. They also teach classes if you want to apply extensions yourself and have a shop with a huge range of products and hairs to choose from. Check out their website here

Platinum kindly offered to do my extensions complimentary but I have a huge discount for any of you girls who want to have beautiful locks just like mine.

For a full head of extensions simple quote GRACEP34 when booking in with the girls to recieve a them for an amazing €299

To achieve these gorgeous waves in my hair I simple french braid my hair while it is wet and this is how it turns out. I love it this way. So easy and manageable. 

If you want to see my hair transformation then check out my latest Weekly Vlog here

If you have any questions regarding the hair and what Platinum have to offer, check out their Facebook page here

If you have any hair tutorial requests you can tweet me pictures here

Have a great week :) 


Grace xox
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