Slimming World - Week 4 - 1 Stone Down

Hi ladies,

Here is the second instalment of my weight loss journey. As some of you may know, if you read last weeks post,  I was gutted at weigh in as I had gained half a pound. I know you may think that half a pound is nothing but for someone like myself who was so determined from week one, I was very disappointed in myself.

This week was a brand new week for me, and although I had set a target of losing a stone in my first month I never thought I would actually do it. But guess what, I did :)

 (If only emoji symbols where recognised on blogger I would have a 100 happy faces inserted here haha. )

So this week I went back to basics, I really thought about what I was going to eat and made sure my fridge was stocked with plenty of "free foods". I kept telling family and friends that I had 4.5 lb. to lose this week to reach my first stone target. Being honest, I laughed every time I said it and doubted myself.

In the back of my mind there was still a bit of hope that I actually might do it. When I arrived at my Slimming World meeting last night I was so nervous. When I queued up to be weighed in, my stomach was in knots. I was praying I hadn't gained again! I practically bursted with happiness, turned to my coach and said, "Thank F For That" haha. I was 4.5lb down!!!

It was such a sense of pride and relief when I sat back down.

The moral of my week is, don't be too hard on yourself, take every day as it comes and do the best you can when it comes to the right food choices. We have no one to blame but ourselves at the end of it all. We are the ones making the unhealthy food choices and we just need to be mindful about it if we want to achieve our gaols or have a loss!

Here is a quick over weigh of my weekly weigh Ins. 
Week 1      -7.5lb
Week 2     -2.5lb
Week 3    +0.5lb
Week 4    -4.5lb

And here is the before and after of my four weeks in Slimming world

A loss is still a loss no matter how big or small! Keep reminding yourself of that and keep pushing yourself to be a better YOU 

I hope I inspire and motivates YOU to change the way YOU live :)

Happy Healthy Eating


Grace xox



  1. You go Grace! Absolutely amazing! True inspiration! You're amazing!

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