Wednesday 25 February 2015

Slimming Work Week 5 - The Highs and Lows of Weight Loss

Hey all,

After I posted about losing a stone in 4 weeks I was requested to share my food diary and let you in on what I have been eating :) I started out the week doing great but by thursday I had event after event and the healthy eating did suffer a bit. This week, starting from today I am going to go 100% SW and count everything I eat and share my food diary next Wednesday. For this week I am going to share my ups and downs of the week and a bit of motivation to keep you on the right track to weight loss.

To be honest, I was so scared for this weeks weigh in because of a number of factors. Starting off the week I was unwell with a stomach bug. On Thursday I attended a Cocoa Brown event (where I indulged in small tube of cookies & creme ice cream and some sweets, Oh and a glass of pink Champagne haha) 

On Friday I attended the YouTube Event in Google HQ - watch the vlog here,  and if you know Google, you will know that means free food, and not the type of free food we like to hear in Slimming World haha. I was very good and opted for a salad with half a roast chicken and some pasta. I then went to a Dior event that evening and was handed another glass of bubbly! Don't these people know I am on SW haha? I met my friends afterwards but decided not to drink (will power!) 

Most of Saturday was spent curled up in a ball with stomach cramps but I did feel ok later that evening and my mam and I decided to order a takeaway. I went for chicken and black bean sauce as it has the lowest number of syns (8 if you have boiled rice) 

Sunday came and I had my usual "Irish Fry" but my free version, 3 lean bacon medallions, 2 poached eggs and a slims bagel (HEB) It’s what I look forward to all weekend. I then went to visit my sisters wedding venue as they were hosting a wedding fair. Of course we sampled some wedding cake, chocolate fondant and more champers! 

You can see why I was dreading weigh in this week. 

We ate in the restaurant of the hotel and by that time I was in a negative mind set, as I had syned so much that week, I said sure feck it ill have a burger! Not the best choice but I had it bun less and only ate half the chips! Still a better food choice but not the best. 

By monday I felt like crap BUT I really enjoyed my weekend. I was back to basics for the two days and then yesterday, day of weigh in, typically, I got my period! I was 99% sure I was going to be up and didn't even want to attend my weekly Slimming World meeting, but when I stood on the scales I was so relieved to see a lower number. I was down 1.5lb :) 

I had to share this quote, I think it is hilarious 

The moral of this weeks story is, you have to enjoy yourselves, if you are going to make bad food choices just don't make the worst! I could have had the burger, bun and all and ate all the chips, but I didn't. I could have drank myself silly on Friday night and ate a big Mc Donald's afterwards but I choose not to. I could have ordered egg fried rice with my takeaway but I CHOSE NOT TO! 

Only YOU can control your choices. No body is forcing you to eat certain things and over indulge. Please try and make healthier choices even if they are still slightly bad. And always go to your weekly weigh Ins even if you’re scared! You could still be down or have maintained :) Even if you are up it will only push you to work harder this week to achieve your target.

Happy healthy eating and if you have any questions you can comment below or email me


Grace xox

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