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Hey Dolls,

This morning we had an appointment with our consultant, everything is looking good and all my bloods came back clear. We had the most amazing surprise with a mini scan. I didnt think we'd have a scan during this appointment but when the mid wife asked me to pop on the table I was so excited, baby is waving and kicking like mad, although I cant feel anything yet. She said the baby is measuring the size of a 17 week old baby and that my placenta is quiet low but she said that is normal and all should fix it self out. She also advised I stop talking folic acid and wait until I am 20 weeks to start talking pregncare. I've to visit my GP in 4 weeks and have my 22 week scan in May. I cant wait to see the baby again. My bump us starting to form now and I am loving it. That is it for the baby update now I want to share some of the things I love to get for the baby.

I absolutely love this moses basket, it is the nicest one I've seen to date and its from Mothercare

I am obsessed with this pram, Ive seen Eimear Varian Barry got it and I love it. Its from Mamas & Papas

I love these baby bean bags, two friends of mine used them and thought they were amazing. you can buy it here

I want the baby's room to be white and grey with a hint of pink or blue depending and I love this sleigh cot from Bella Baby

I hope to breast feed so I really  want one of these nursing rocking chairs, I dont want to feed in bed as I will be more likely to fall back asleep so theses chairs are ideal. This is from Bella Baby

I also really like these pillows for when I am up and feeding, it keeps the baby in a good position and keeps them comfortable. This is from Mothercare

I really like this plain white dress that is also a changing table too.  This one is from Bella Baby

I think I have the basics cover for now and I am sure I will spot more things as the weeks go by. Myself and Chris are heading to the Baby & Pregnancy fair so I will see lots I want to pick up.

Hope you enjoyed.

Love Grace & Bump xox 



  1. I'm loving Eimear V.B's snapchat as well - She's amazing!

    That buggy is gorgeous - Would love it as well but I'm the same as you; Not going to find out what I'm having... Not sure would I put a little boy in that!! xo

  2. I'm due in September also with my first.Myself and my husband CANNOT wait so I understand how you feel ha ha!
    We've decided not to find out the sex either as we both love surprises.
    I love Eimear's pram but the same as you,I wouldn't put a little man in it.We've been looking into the Mima Xari as I love how stylish it is but of course it has to be CRAZY money!!! Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy G x

  3. Congrats Grace, all of this stuff looks fab.. The Moses basket and cot in particular are gorgeous!! I have 2 kiddies at home, one just gone 3 and the other 9 months.. Only thing I'd recommend regarding buggies is to bear in mind the possibility of maybe having another baba in the future (I know that's like the furthest thing from your mind right now when you haven't even had the first!!!).. It's only that considering the expense of them you want it to be a worth while investment!! We had the issue of when number 2 arrived, number 1 was two and a half which you'd think is a good age in terms of not needing her buggy as much but I like to get to the park with them most days for a walk and stop in the playground and she never would have managed a walk of a couple of kilometres every day so it's just worth thinking about (buggy boards good too but mine wasn't comfortable enough on it for a long stretch)!! Anyway, just worth thinking about as there are some fab ones now that have the capacity to take a second seat in the future ����!! It's the best time, enjoy it all X

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