I Feel Fat!!!!

Hey dolls,

If you've watched my snaps this morning you'll know I haven't been feeling great.  Today is the first day I've felt any negativity being pregnant. I love being pregnant, don't get me wrong, but today I just feel fat!!! The past couple of days I've been going through my wardrobe and each day everything seems to feel a little tighter. It's so disheartening but also very uncomfortable to feel this way.

I am still at the stage where I don't really look pregnant. I look chubby and as if I've put on a few pounds. I can't wait until I actually get a bump and am able to wear maternity jeans. I've started wearing maternity leggings from H&M which are so comfortable.

I know some of you are probably feeling this way too. I know so many of you all are pregnant too and at some point might get to this stage where you just don't feel comfortable in your skin. I've spent so long trying to keep my weight down and know having it creep back up is something I wasn't ready for.

I say to friends, family and Chris that I don't feel great and that I feel fat and I get the same answer, Yes but your pregnant. Sometimes its hard to except that your body is going to change in such a short space of time. Coming to terms with your new body and embracing it is probably the biggest thing I have to face during this change.

I suppose this is me just venting my feelings and hoping that some of you are feeling this way too. I hate talking negative about the whole experience because I wouldn't change a thing and I love being pregnant but when you can't find anything to wear it just gets to me.

I hope this helps some of you to know your not alone.

Love Grace xox


  1. Awh Grace! You're allowed to feel fat! Don't be so hard on yourself.Who cares if it looks like you've put on a few pounds.The people who really matter and your family and friends,the people who know you're pregnant.
    To be honest,you look amazing in my eyes.
    Stay Strong,
    Nikki x

  2. Everyone experiences pregnancy differently and has different feelinga throughout. I gave birth in january it was so difficult wen i was at your stage the inbetween my clothes and maternity clothes. Best thing i did was giving in and wearing topshop maternity jeans i think i was only 11wks and that stage but had no bump. Your hips and bum and thighs seem to expand first its a horrible feeling not feeling good in your skin but it will get better and once bump appears you will feel so much better. I'm struggling with the after pregnancy body was hoping to bounce back but 3 mts on I'm only just about fitting into some of my jeans, the superskinnies from topshop are a long way off fitting yet.
    Pamper yourself dawson street hotel spa do a lovely pregnancy package you will definitely feel great after it x x

  3. Grace it's totally normal to feel this way it's a scary and daunting thing to know and feel your body's changing so fast. I myself have never been big but going from a 10 to 14 in 9 months(16 when bump was at its biggest) was crazy my hips and bum exploded but when I read the pregnancy books it lets you know your pelvis is actually expanding to get ready for your baby x I struggled with this so I really do understand how you're feeling. When the bump arrives you feel more proportioned. Just know your body is changing for all the right reasons and you're cooking a perfect little human. You're gonna feel like a superhero when you give birth. Chin up Grace x

  4. Grace, for me being plus size and pregnant wasn't easy! Clothing was limited! And feeling fat on top of cloning issues didn't help :( definitely check out New Look and H&M maternity wear :) and just make sure u don't have the mentally that your eating for two ;) you eat healthy but when you have treats don't double it up ;) my biggest must have was ice pops, basically colouring and water! I was very sick so couldn't go mad anyway. Don't let the bloating, growing and swelling get u down, maternity wear is stretchy and comfy so stock up on some basics and you'll be grand :) stay happy, enjoy the experience xx


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