Wednesday 25 January 2017

Setting A Goal To Run The Great Ireland Run

Hey Dolls,

New year, new me - as the saying goes. I've decided to set myself a small challenge to keep me going for the first quarter of 2017. After having Sienna I wanted to get my fitness level back to where it was prior to pregnancy. I thought the Great Ireland Run would be a great start. It is only 5k so it is very manageable. For the more athletic out there, there is also the 10k run. 

I wanted to start slow and build my fitness as I feel like I've a new body post baby. It's hard getting back into running but I'm finding the training plans available from the Great Ireland Run, a great tool. I'm taking it slowly, and following the 12 week plan. I've just finished my first week and it was more enjoyable than I thought. For everyone else taking part or thinking about taking part, there is still time with over 10 weeks to go to the event. Just remember to take it day by day, small goals. 

I knew getting back to the gym and being more active would be a struggle but I think following small goals really helps. Seeing the small bit of progression each time really encourages me to keep going. I’m also fundraising for Tallaght Cancer Support Group, a cause very close to my heart. Having that as motivation is also working. 

I’m really excited for the day itself. I’ve heard it's great day out for all the family, with kids races and entertainment. It’s not just a good excuse to get off the couch and stick to the new years resolutions we make each year. 

I would love if my followers got involved and signed up with me to do the run. Let’s all support each other. Here is the link to sign up 

If you would like to sponsor me and donate to the Tallaght Cancer Support group check out my go fund me page.

I hope you will join me in the run and best of luck with the training.

Love Grace xox

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