Staying Healthy With Lidl's New Organic Range

Hey dolls,

Over the last few month I've been trying my best to keep healthy and shed the last few stone in baby. It's not always easy to eat healthy, I can admit a dominos is quiet tempting but I've swapped pizzas for healthy organic fruit & veg thanks to Lidl's new range.

Tonight myself and Chris filled a trolley full of healthy fruits, vegetables, meats and snacks. I've been very good throughout January and I will continue on into February.

I have my meals planned out for each day and snack to go with each meal. I think I bought every fruit Lidl had to offer. The organic oranges caught my eye on the way in as they are only 49cent. I bought the ingredients to make a hearty vegetable soup and every vegetable that goes into a stir fry. There is no way I can slip now that my fridge is stocked with only the best.

For snacks I picked up some of the organic chocolate covered rice cakes. They are some of my favourite snacks and I am dying to try their chocolate & coconut rice cakes. I also stocked up on a mixture of nuts to snack on. I keep a jar full of nuts so when I open the biscuit press they are the first thing I see.

Lidl has lots of healthy tips and recipes over on their website. The fakeaway section caught my eye and I will definitely be cooking their guilt free pizza and prawn curry. They also have a health and fitness section with lots of exercise tips and they have lots of exercise equipment and fitness gear in store.

I hope your January was as good as you hoped it would be and you are sticking to those New Years Resolutions. Lets stick together this February and be just as healthy. Check out Lidl's organic range which is in stores from today for a limited time.

Love Grace

This blog post was in collaboration with Lidl #sp


  1. No #ad or #sp have you learned anything?

  2. Might be a good idea to be honest and say when something is an ad? Followers generally like transparency, especially when it is a post like this where it's almost a copy and paste job of a press release they have sent you.

    1. It sounds like a salees pitch alright...

  3. I have to agree,no #sp or #ad on this blog. Even tho you have #sp on Facebook . I really think you must read up on ASAI guidelines.

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  5. oranges 49 cent??? are they really organic??? strange

  6. it's hard to believe a discount supermarket like lidl uses organic produce when they sell fake italian foods. I wouldn't trust.

  7. Great post as always Grace! I'm so impressed with the quality of lidl! I wish they were in america! haha x

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