Monday 20 February 2017

My Top Buys For Sienna

Hey Dolls,

I've been getting asked a lot lately what the top baby products we've bought for Sienna are so I thought I would share them with you today. Having a baby is  very expensive so here are some of the best things we've bought and what helped us through the first 5 months of her life.

Up first has to be the cocoonababy, it helped sienna sleep so well and we found it to be one of the best products. We used it straight away and she slept soundly in it.

The only downside is you can only use it up to 4 months. I would have love if it lasted a bit longer as she was so comfortable. You can buy it here

Up next is the bean bag we had for her. It isn't the exact one but its very similar. I found it so handy to pop her into in any room in the house and she could sleep and it is super cosy. It's light weight so I could move it around wherever I was going. 

Yet again one downside is she grew out of it quickly. You can buy it here

A pattern of places for Sienna to sit seems to be developing but they really are some of the handiest products we bought. This seat is perfect for her sitting and eating her breakfast and sitting on the floor playing. I also feel like this upright position is helping her build some strength in her back with will help her to sit on her own soon. you can buy it here

Bath time was a struggle at the beginning but since getting the Shnuggle bath Sienna absolutely loves bath time. It helps her sit upright on her own so she is free to move around as she likes. You can buy it here

Since sienna has started to wean onto foods I've found this feeder amazing, it helps her to try new fruits and veg and start to hold it herself. You can buy it here

Up next is my pram. It took us the longest time to choose the right pram. Who knew it would be such a hard decision but I am so thrilled with the one we picked. It is super lightweight and easy to take apart and pop in the booth of my car. You can buy it here

Here carseat is one of the nicest things we have for her. Unfortunately the exact one I have for her is sold out but there are lots more on the website and come in pinks, blues & universal. They help to kept her extra warm and keep the wind out. I just love it. You can buy it here

Up last is a toy we bought just this weekend but she is getting so much enjoyment out of it already. It is her minnie mouse jumper and she loves it so much. You can buy it here

I hope you found this post helpful. They are just some of out favourite products we bought Sienna.

Love Grace xox
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