Mom Life

Hey dolls,

I wanted to share this look with you all. 

Coat is VeroModa
Trousers are Pennys
Jumper River Island
Jewellery Newbridge Silver

Pram is Bella Baby the Joolz Geo


  1. Grace, it's really disappointing to see you make your post baby "comeback" with these lackluster blog posts. The images are stunning and you look fantastic but why not add some text to compliment the wonderful professional photography? Examples could include great outfits for a postpartum body, your favorite routines now that you have Sienna, 6 month baby & me update. Get some creativity going, girl! You've had some serious knocks in the past few weeks but your blog could really be something if you just put some effort in!

  2. Also, why aren't you affiliate linking your links? You're missing out!

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