Monday 5 November 2018

Get the most out of your clothes with autumn layering!

Hey Dolls,

Hope you are all well and enjoyed my recent personal post all about the things I have learnt now that Sienna is almost two years old! In this post we are going to look at a really fab trend that has come about this year which is layering cosy winter jumpers over flowing summer skirts and dresses.

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This is a trend that has come about naturally this year after a summer of pretty skirts and dresses. It seems like nowadays people want to wear their clothes more and make them work all year round.

So many of us have picked up floral dresses or pretty midi skirts since spring and they are still perfectly lovely to wear now, it is all about making a few adjustments to recreate the look.

What you will need to do to bring this look together is find your favourite flowing midi skirt of dress that you already own (or find one now, there are still some fab options out there!), get your favourite cosy jumper and put it on over your dress.

This might not be a style that you usually wear but it actually feels great and really feminine on and it is so nice to get more wear out of your summer clothes without packing them all away.

To make a more autumn look out of it you can pick up cosy jumpers in autumnal colours like brown, orange, red and mustard shades and throw on a pair of tights under the skirt or dress with your favourite ankle or knee high boots. Boots with a slight heel will help elongate your leg to help pull off the midi length of the skirt or dress.

At this stage the look will really be coming together for you, it is all about the clash of flowy light material on the bottom and cosy knit on top. A great finishing touch that you can add at this point is to put a belt around the waist over the jumper to pull in your shape at your smallest part and stop the jumper from swamping your shape particularly if it is a big cosy oversized jumper.
Some people will prefer this look without the belt and that is perfectly fine too.

The great thing about this trend is almost anything goes in terms of how you mix and match different skirts and dresses with different jumpers. Just find what you are comfortable with and wear it with confidence, you will look and feel fab!

If you are on the hunt for a nice cosy jumper have a look below for some of our top picks.

There are still gorgeous flowy dresses and skirts online at the moment too.

Here are some fab accessories and dreamy boots to think about for winter.

Hope you liked this post, happy shopping,

Grace X
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