Friday 26 December 2014

My Top Beauty Products Of 2014

Hi lovelies,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the new year. As you may have already read I posted my favourite makeup products a couple of days ago and that seemed to go down well with you all so I thought I would post my favourite beauty products of the year too.

Read my favourite makeup products of 2014 here

Starting of with this years top tan and best selling tan is Ireland is Cocoa Brown. I am a huge fan of this tan and have tried most of the range it has to offer. I love the spray tan, as do many of my clients. It give a gorgeous brown that lasts almost a week long.

Next is my must have cleanser. This bad boy was a new release this year and took the beauty world by storm. It is technically a dupe for the bioderma but works just as well. This takes off all traces of makeup and eye makeup and is so affordable and widely available.

OMG I cant say enough about this moisturiser. It was a present and I fell in love as soon as I used it. It smells divine and leaves my skin baby soft. I just ran out of it this week and it is killing me not having it. I need to place an order with Kinvara ASPA. 

If you haven't tried this brand yet I urge you to do so soon

 I recently blogged about this facial oil here and I am in love with it. It leaves my skin so unbelievably soft and the smell of it is unreal. If you want a full review just click the link above to read.

This product is also new to the market this year and is perfect for anyone that want to moisturise their body on the go. The spray application and fast drying of this lotion makes it perfect for that last minute moisturising. I also think this product is perfect for holidays as while you apply it it is very cold on the skin and perfect to soothe any sunburn.

I have been using this scrub from St Ives for the past 3 years now and loving it. It is a gentle enough exfoliant to use a few times weekly and cleans out and removes all dead skin leaving behind fresh, soft glowing skin.

I am loving this intense cream from La Roche-posay. I use this morning and night as a serum underneath my face cream and it firms and tones my skin. It also contains retinal which rejuvenates my skin

This night detox from Vichy is also brand new to the market and I love it as I tend to have an oily T zone. This little bottle helps to combat the production of sebum which gives that oiliness to your skin. 

If it gets ride of the 12 o clock shine then I love it.

I love the fact that Youtubers are now coming out with their own lines of beauty products and I also love Zoella so had to feature her in this blog post. This is also a very hydrating body lotion that smells amazing and the packaging is super cute. WINNER

Finally a brand new product that only launched this mouth and I was kindly asked to review first is this amazing self tan corrector from No More Dramas. I have a full review on this product and If you want to read it then just click here I am such a huge fan of it and definitely think that you need to try this for the new year :) 

Makes tanning so much easier.

No More Dramas

I hope you enjoyed that blog post, Thanks for reading and let me know what your favourite beauty products of 2014 were :)


Grace xox

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