Sunday 21 December 2014

Review - Loréal Paris - Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil

Hi my loves,

Todays post is a review on the Loreal Paris Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil

I first purchased this facial oil about three weeks ago after testing it on my hand at Boots. I spotted it on the skincare aisle while I was browsing. I was first skeptical as I have never used an oil on my face before and didn't think it would be the best thing for my skin as I hate having oily skin.

I tested a small amount on the back of my hand and read the instructions. I then proceeded to test more body butters and hand creams on my hands before heading back to work. I took no notice of the body oil as it never occurred to me to buy it.

About a half an hour later after applying the oil to my hand I could feel a significant difference to the small spot where I had applied it. It was so smooth and so soft I thought to myself I had to have this product.

I went back to Boots a couple of days later after I had been paid and purchased this bad boy for a reasonable €25.99

You can shop it here

I started using this facial oil morning and night and have found a huge difference in my skins texture and appearance. It feels silky smooth and appears radiant.

I like to use a small amount (2-3 drops) in the morning under my moisturiser and slightly more at night time (3-5 drops) I like to lather it on my skin at night so the moisture from the oil can be absorbed while I sleep. I wake up with amazing skin. What more could a girl want.

I would definitely recommend this facial oil to anyone who suffers with dehydrated skin and is perfect for the winter months.

I hope you enjoyed that post and let me know if you have already tried it or if you palm on picking it up :)


Grace xox
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