Saturday 28 March 2015

Slimming World Week 9 - 26lb down

Hi my loves,

Firstly let me say I am soooo happy that my journey and weight loss has inspired some of you to do the same. You have no idea how amazing it is getting comments, tweets and emails telling me I am the reason that some of you have joined Slimming world or began your own personal journey to weight loss. It makes it all worth while knowing I am helping others to achieve their goals. It's what pushes me to do better myself knowing that I have all of you behind me pushing me on.

So a quick update - As some of you may know, if you follow me on my social media, I was in Malaga last week on a hen party. I was not very positive last Tuesday as I queued up to weigh in but I said to myself "Feck it Grace, you were on your holidays and you enjoyed the last couple of days away!" I would have been ok with a gain as I had consumed a lot of alcohol and really enjoyed the food I ate, but I also made healthy choices when ordering and drank a lot of water in between drinks. I was so shocked when my consultant told me I was down 3.5lb. I literally couldn't believe it and to top it off I won Slimmer of the Week for a second time :)

Here are some of the awards I have received over the last 9 weeks and my lovely bag of fruit for winning Slimmer of the Week

I was sooo thrilled and proud of my achievements. I just wanted to get home so I could post a picture and share it with my amazing followers  because I knew that picture would help some people who needed a bit of motivation.

Sometimes I even question how I am losing weight so fast but then I know I'm making better choices and it's reflected on the scales. You can't eat 10 packets of crisps and 10 chocolate bars a week and expect to have a loss! It just won't happen. I have my treat when I really want it and when I know I have been good and deserve it but other that that I stick to the plan. I don't ever eat Syns for the sake of it, I save them for occasions when I know I will need them.

Here is a little progress picture and I am so happy with the changes in my body.

Week 1                      Week 9

For my 10th week in Slimming World I will do a Q&A post. For those of you who want to ask me anything, feel free to tweet me, comment on my Instagram or email me. I will leave all my social media links below.

To those of you reading this, you are reading it for a reason! You either are on your own journey to a healthier you or you want to start! I always say why not start today! What are you waiting for?

Thank you to everyone for their continued support! You have no idea how much it is helping and motivating me to keep going. It's not the easiest of things to do but believe me it is the most rewarding. I haven't felt this confident and comfortable in my own skin in years!

Thanks for taking the time to read my posts! I love you all.


Grace xox

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