Tuesday 31 March 2015

Slimming World Week 10 - Do You Really Want To Eat That Easter Egg???

Hey dolls,

Can I just say thanks again for all the lovely comments that have come my way since my last post. I'm so glad my journey is inspiring you. You might want to turn away now though!

Week 10 and I gained half a pound! haha

I know it's not massive and I was practically on two weeks holidays so I am glad is wasn't a bigger gain.

Anyway, today is the start of Week 11 and I'm back on track. No excuses and no holidays planned, for a few months anyway haha. So as Easter approaches I wanted to give you all the heads up when it comes to how many Syns are actually in the eggs.

These are not the free type of eggs we at SW are used to, so beware! They have a massive amount of Syns.

 It's holidays like these where we need to be on our toes and be well equipped so we don't fail and undo all the good that we have done so far.

Believe me I was as shocked when I saw the Syn value in some of these.

Let me start with my favourite chocolate. The Lindt Bunny! Without fail I get one of these for Easter and Christmas and for all other occasions when Lindt decides to make a glorious chocolate mould of any animal! But I will be rethinking my chocolate choices after today.

Take a look 

56 Syns is almost 4 days worth of Syns! Is it really worth it? I have asked my mam not to buy me any Easter eggs this year, that way I don't even have the option of having any. I told her to pick me up the mini bunnies if she can, that way I know I am only having 3 syns per bunny :)

I don't want to turn you off chocolate but I just want to make you all aware of how much sugar and fat is in these eggs! I couldn't believe it so had to share it with you all too.

Have some chocolate this Easter, just don't eat 5 eggs to yourself haha. Have a great week what ever you're doing and I'll catch you same time next week with a new update!

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Thanks for stopping by and Happy Healthy Eating 


Grace xox

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