Wednesday 24 June 2015

Down 3lb - My Slimming World Journey

Hey girls,

Today is a good week, not only did I buy a mini and a coffee machine (LIFE MADE) I also lost 3lb and I am feeling so much better. This week has been great so far.

From my last post what you need to take from it is to take every week & every day as it comes. Don't get bogged down on bad days.

I am delighted with my 3lb loss and it is all thanks to healthy eating and I also exercised a lot last week. I had a personal training session with Method Fitness. Follow Damy Here. Did my own at home workout and went spinning and did bums and tums. I also ate a massive amount of speed food.

If you aren't in slimming world and wondering what the hell speed food is. It is food, mostly fruit and veg, that speed up you metabolism and help you lose weight fast. I packed my fridge (well my Mam did haha) with water melon, honey due melon, strawberries and all sorts of berries. I also mad lots of slimming world dishes like spag bal, veg stir fry and a slimming world spice bag.

I find the key to sticking at any kind of weight loss or diet plan is to change things up. Keep meals interesting and have lots of speed food. I just uploaded my health and fitness Q&A video with lots of good tips and advice when it comes to weight loss.

I hope all your journeys are going well and you are sticking to plan. Be active, that weather is beautiful out there so go for a nice evening stroll or get your morning run in. If you are lacking motivation then check out the 7am club I have going on FaceBook. It is amazing for sharing ideas and recipes. It is full of amazing inspiring ladies. Find it here 

Until next time,

Stay happy and healthy

I love you all

Grace xox
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