Sunday 14 June 2015

Getting Started - 4 Week Fitness Challenge

Hey girls,

If you are new to my blog or new to weigh loss and fitness then todays blog post might help.

I wanted to share some tips when getting started. The thing that got me started on my weight loss was wanting to look and feel good for summer. Now that summer is here I am so happy I started in January. If you have decided that tomorrow is the start for you then please stick at it.

The three things you need to remember when starting to lose weight is, organisation & preparation is key, stick with the plan, and it will all be worth it in the end.

The first couple of weeks of my Slimming World journey where not always plan sailing. I had craving, I was fed up with salad and I was ALWAYS hungry! The more the weeks went on my stomach got smaller and I very rarely felt hungry. I keep full on free food and I changed my meals around so I wasn't always having salad. I find now that being more adventurous and trying new dishes really helps and excites me when cooking.

Tomorrow is the start of my 4 week challenge and I am starting off with a 5k run. If you are new to this start out light. I always run and walk as I haven't built up my running ability just yet. Rome wasn't built in a day and remember fitness takes time. I am then going to do a quick ab and squat session before getting ready for work.

I am going to change up my morning exercises and will be doing some personal training with Damy and spin classes too.

Remember you have to start somewhere and you have to really want it. You need to work hard, stay focused and have self discipline. And of course you need to treat yourself every now and again. Just not every day like you usually would.

I hope this helps and I cant wait to see the #FacesByGrace4WeekChallenge pictures.

Also check out the Sunday World magazine today as there is a 4 page spread with myself and Joanne Larby all about our weight loss journeys :)

Stay Happy and Healthy

Love Grace xox
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