Yet Another Gain 4lb Up

Hey lovelies,

With yet another gain this week (That is now 7lb in 3 weeks) I am determined to get back on the health buzz. It really shows can't go off track as my body instantly gains weight. I was on holidays and took a break from the plan and really enjoyed myself. It isn't the end of the world and today is a fresh start. I could have gained a lot more if I wanted too but I ate so much speed food which really helped.

As you all know if you read my 4 week fitness challenge blog post I am giving myself a 4 week goal to get to target. That means I have to loose 2 lb a week to get there. To me that isn't too difficult. We will see next week.

I am going to be extremely strict on myself and I don't have anything planned this week that will sabotage my weight loss. I plan to exercise daily and eat lots of fruit and veg and cook lots of lovely new recipes.

I hope everyone is doing ok and sticking to plan better then me. Try not be to hard on yourself if you have a gain. All you can do is draw a line under it and start fresh. That is what I am doing today and will continue to do all week.

Just a quick post to check in and let you know where my head is.

Hope you all well.

Stay Happy and Healthy

Love Grace xox

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