Tuesday 30 June 2015

5 Snapchatters You Need To Follow

Hey dolls,

If you have been following my blog then you probably already know how completely obsessed I am with snapchat. My stories have been know to reach 1000 seconds. I snap from the moment I get up till the moment I go to bed. I love to keep my followers involved with my day to day life. I wanted to share my top 5 snapchatters and tell you about who I think you should be watching.

First up is my fave blogger and snapchatter RETROFLAME1 I am completely obsessed with Erika on so many levels haha. I feel like I know her already and super excited to meet her when I head to NYC in Nov. Erika is a stunning Kerry girl living it up in the big apple. She snaps daily all the fabulous places, parks and cafes she visits not to mention her killer fashion and all the fancy events she attends. Also another to follow is her gorgeous blogger friend LCSCLOSET. These two girls are living it up and I am super jealous. It's an amazing way to see the other side of the world.

Speaking of the other side of the world, I love Michelle from MICHELLECROSSAN or her blog Beauty.Life.Michelle. This beautiful blonde is living it up in Bondi. I am so jealous and so sad that I didn't know Michelle while I was living in Australia. I love how Michelle shares her beauty faves, not to mention her gorg kitty and the stunning Aussie bloggers I am obsessed with. Michelle is so stunning and so down to earth. You will love her.

Up next is one of my faves Terrie Mc Evoy (TMCEVOY24). This girl is hilarious, crazy and so gorgeous. I am so glad I met Terrie and she has become such a close friend of mine. This girl is so much fun and she is so funny in her snaps. She just annoys the shit out of her BF David and they are so cute together. She also shares her beauty faves and her day to day life as a nurse saving lives. Love this girl you need to follow her.

Next up is another friend and one of my fave bloggers. Rosie Connolly (ROSIECONXXX) is just so perfect and I am so jealous of her beautiful baby boy. I love that Rosie has gotten more into snapchat lately and I love seeing her day to day life with her gorg son. She talks about the ups and downs or life and keeps me hooked with her beautiful face and killer fashion. She is one to watch and is going to be the next big thing in Irish blogging.

Last but by no means least is Ursula from MOMFITNESSDIARY she is a super healthy gorgeous girl. Ursula shares her healthy habits, amazing recipes and motivates you like no other. She also has really long stories so if you are looking for some good cooks and inspiration get following her.

I hope you like my list, there are so many bloggers and girls to follow and these are just some of my faves. Let me know in a comment who I should be following. Oh and if your not already head over and follow my snapchat :)

Love you all

Grace xox

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