Sunday 23 August 2015

Its D day!!!

Hey dolls,

For about 2 months now I have been stuck in the biggest rut. I was falling into old habit and eating crap again. Since my holidays I haven't been able to shake it. Last night I took to snapchat and really opened up about it. I had to fight back the tears while I shared how bad I was feeling and the response I got from you all was phenomenal. I got so many messages from people telling me it really hit home with then, thats exactly how they where feeling and it was nice to know they weren't alone.

Throughout my whole journey I've been completely honest with you all. I never hide what I am eating and I definitely never disguise when I have a gain. Last night really was an eye opener. The amount of people that feel this way too. It's so easy to start eating badly again and once you fall down it's so hard to get back on track again. So many people said they were feeling the same and that they had been going good for so long but where slowing gaining weight again. It is so refreshing to know that it happens to people and that I'm not alone too.

I also had a few fitness bloggers message me and tell me that it had happened to them too but they came back from it. That was so reassuring. I know for the past few blog post I've said i'll be back on track but I really mean it this time. I hit the gym hard this morning with Damy. Follow him here and I did a big healthy food shop. I have already made some of my speedy mushroom soup and I've a lovely healthy dinner planned.

A follower of mine sent me this last night and it's so true I wanted to share it with you all.

What Edel said is 100% right! I may have fallen off but I am still holding on to the wheel! I haven't let go completely and given up! This is just one of those bumps in the road on a long journey! This may be what is happened to you but know you haven't given up completely yet. If you are reading this then you still want to change and you still will. Let this be the last of the bad decisions and together we can all do this. There is no better feeling then feeling healthy and confident and I can't wait to get that feeling back.

I hope this helped some of you. We can all do it if we put our minds to it.

Stay healthy & happy

Love Grace xox
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