Stuck In A Rut

Hey girls,

I really am exactly what the title says and stuck in a rut :( I don't know what is going on but I just can't seem to get back on the band wagon. I tried so hard this week but I did have a few cheat meals and a bottle of wine. I really am so annoyed and so disappointed at myself. I gained again this week, I know it was only half a pound but I really wanted a loss this week.

I don't know what I'm going to do and I really want to get back on it. I'm still eating healthy but only about 70% of the time and I'm still training. I feel like a few months back I was doing a lot more by myself like going for walks and runs. I'm going to get back into it and I really want to do it this time. I'm so fed up and have lost so much motivation. I need to kick the crap and just get my head back in the game.

Sometimes when you give it your all for so long and are doing so well you just get fed up and fall back into old habits. I have definitely done that and it's so annoying. It happens all too often. I want this to be a lifestyle choice and not just a diet, I want to be fit and healthy for the rest of my life. Sorry if this post isn't as motivated as normal but sometimes we just don't do as well as we would have hoped.

If you are always feeling low and like you are stuck in a rut know that you are not alone. I am with you and we will be out of it today. Good luck to all you dolls.

Stay Happy & Healhty

Love Grace xox


  1. U are training aswell grace so you might have muscle gain so maybe try to measure your waist etc aswell to see if that makes a difference....i have lost quite a lot of weight aswell and i think the nearer you are to target the harder it is to get to

  2. Hi Grace. I am the exact same. Got to goal weight three years ago after loosing 3 stone and have put on a stone again and for the last year I cannot get it off of me. I even had my wedding as motivation and struggled so much to stick to my plan and loose the pounds. It's a tough battle but fair play to you for going back and getting weighed in the last 2 weeks. Keep going to class and face the music regardless of whether you think you have gained. Also ask all your loved ones including Chris to try and support you and not lead you to temptation even just for a few weeks so you can get back into the mindset and strengthen your willpower again. Also look at old photos of you, keep them to hand and anytime you feel a craving have a look at your old photo and let it motivate you not to let yourself go back to being the weight you were. Also I find reading motivational stories on the slimming world website motivates me. Everyone with weight problems struggles with motivation so it's totally normal. We will get there together. X

  3. Grace sometimes in life there are reasons why although we really want to lose weight we aren't in that place to lose weight. is there anything going on that is making it really hard to lose weight. I found when things were stressful i just couldn't focus on losing weight. Once the reason for the stress was gone, I was able to again. Don't be too hard on yourself. Try to go to group every week and even if you can maintain that is a huge achievement.

  4. Hi Grace, Im at exactly the same point, Ive gained about 8lbs since my hols in June and just cant get on track. Im in weight watchers but have been really bad with going lately. The thing is I've been bold, I know Ive been bold but I'm enjoying myself & dont really care,thats what summers are for in a way. I have kept up my gym classes just because I love it and never regret going so thats helping. I do blame the summer too, its so hard to lose weight with fine evenings, bbqs, holidays, long weekends, weddings....especially when most events revolve around food and drink. As long as I am mostly good, going to the gym, refusing the odd bun just to get me through the social summer months it'll be easier to crank it up in time for little black dress season!

  5. Keep up the good work Grace, you will get there in thr end. P.S Love your Snapchats! Xxx

  6. It happens to us all lovely! Just keep pushing yourself and you'll start to see results again xo

  7. Huh, I love the title :) you are my hero, girl


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