Tuesday 19 May 2015

How I'm Going To Reach My Target - Slimming World Week 17

Hey Dolls,

With a 1.5lb loss this week (woohoo) and only 2lb until I hit target, this post is all about how I'm going to stay on track and get to my goal. If you've been following by journey and blog posts for a while you'll know I changed my target last month. I don't want to lose as much as I first thought. I am happy in my skin now and feel like if I went to 10stone I'd be too skinny. I am a curve woman and want to keep my shape but tone up and get fit in the process. My new target is 11 stone and I'm in reaching distance of it now!

This last week I was ok and stuck to plan most days. If you follow me on snapchat you'll know the terrible craving I had for a battered sausage and chips last week!!! I had to give in to it or else it would have driven me insane! I also pigged out on crisps and dip in my friend Denise's on Sunday. For the most part I was good but I did have some slip ups. I exercised about 4 times last week and I think that helped with the loss this week.

Enough about last week, lets focus on week 18 and what I'm going to do to stay on track and hopefully ( fingers crossed) reach my target next week. This week is going to be a tricky one as I have two events, a communion and a SoSueMe workshop planned. These are all massive risks and I need to be in the right frame of mind before hand and be prepared.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon cooking and preparing meals for the coming week. Our fridge is stocked with healthy free food and I have a big pot of speed soup to keep me going all week.

In class this morning there where a lot of disappointed and disheartened people. One thing to remember is that the week is over, the past is in the past and not to dwell on it for feel guilty for yesterdays mistakes. The best thing to do is start fresh everyday and try be as good and as motivated as possible. It's all about making the right choices, if not the right choice then the best possible choice you can make in that situation. For example, yesterday all I wanted with my cuppa tea in the evening was a bar of chocolate. I asked Chris had he any and he produced a little dark chocolate bar from Aldi. I looked up the syn value and it was worth 7syns. I hadn't thought much about it and then thought to myself is this tiny bar really worth the 7 syns??? I came to the conclusion that no, it wasn't. The hardest thing I had to do this week was put that bar back in the press and walk away. It killed me but it was the right choice. The best thing I can advise is to take ever meal and ever snack as it comes, be aware of exactly what is in it and think to yourself, is it worth it? If your answer is no then leave it behind. You will thank yourself on weigh in day :)

This week I am going to try my hardest to stay on plan, I am going to exercise regularly and make better choices when it comes to snacking or eating out. I really want that 2lb loss, lets see if I can do it. If not, there's always next week. Remember not to be too hard of yourself and don't judge yourself. This journey is a learning curve and we need to take baby steps.

I hope this post helped in some way and encourages you to get back in the game. I'll have two posts to follow of the delicious speed soup and breakfast muffins I made yesterday. Stay tuned for them!


Grace xox
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