Tuesday 12 May 2015

The Transformation - Week 16 In Slimming World

Hey Dolls,

You will most likely have seen this picture I shared yesterday of my latest progress picture. It reached over 100K people ahhhhh what the hell!!!! 

Anyway, as it was my birthday last weekend I completely fell off the SW bus and went wild. I ate so much crap (but delicious crap haha) I was dreading my weigh in this morning. UP 2.5lb!!!! But I thought to myself, it's not the end of the world, you had an amazing week, enjoyed every bite of cheese covered goodness and every cocktail.

On top of my birthday, I also had my bestie finally come home from her 2 years stint in Australia (the Eddie Rocket ritual was a must) and a number of events to attend, where they force tropical cocktails,  beautiful cupcakes and sweets down my throat! No, I know, no excuses! No one forced me into it but I wanted to enjoy it all and it just goes to show that I can't overindulge like that. My body doesn't cope with bad crappy junk food. It just doesn't like it as much as my taste buds do!

To be honest I do feel sluggish and have no energy and I haven't been sleeping right the last couple of nights. That was an extremely long intro.

Long story short, I ate crap and gained weight haha.

So after my class today, and the amazing feedback and support I received from all of you, I had an idea to share my overall weight loss since last summer and compare it to the weight gain I had this week. I wanted to share with you that a little gain is ok, don't beat yourself up. Look at the bigger picture and learn from your mistakes. Every day is a second chance.


I asked a butcher to weigh out just how much I have lost in the year and compare it to the 2.5lb gain I had this week. He looked at me like I had ten heads and then found it hard to find enough meat to match what I had lost haha. He also said he'd never done anything like this in his life before!!!

Welcome to the mad mind of FacesByGrace!!!!

So in June last year I weighed a whopping 14 stone 4lb. I lied when my mam asked me if I had gained weight after my holiday. I was too embarrassed to admit I had. I was at my all time heaviest of 201.6lb!!!!!! Last week I got down to 155.4lb which meant I had lost 46.2lb!!!!!! Bare in mind I am tall, 5;6 and my excuse was I weigh heavy because my heart is so full of love!!! hahaha that is probably the cheesiest thing I will admitt to 

Here is a look at what 46 pound looks like! Shocking isn't it!!!

Here is the 2.5 pounds I gained today!

 In the grand scheme of things it wasn't a huge gain but it's the last cheat week I will have for a long time. I'm back on it and going to try cook more adventurous, clean healthy meals, lead an extremely active lifestyle and just be happy and healthy!

I hope this post is helpful and inspires those of you who want to do it, to stop thinking and start doing. Nothing tastes as good as happy and healthy feels :)

I love you all

Grace xox
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