Thursday 16 March 2017

Look Good, Feel Better

Hey Dolls,

I have learned over the years the putting effort into my appearance always makes me feel better. As someone who suffers from anxiety and has been depressed in the past, sometimes the idea of having a shower and getting dressed is so much harder than it seems. When I was in the depths of depression I would have panic attacks at the thoughts of a shower and facing the world.

On my down days I always find the best thing to pull myself out of it is getting dressed up and putting a bit of makeup on. I don't know what it is about getting done up but It always makes me feel better. I think looking in the mirror and looking better than I'm feeling helps to lift my spirits.

I've had messages in the past from followers asking me how I manage to get up and go. Some mornings I don't feel like getting up and facing the world but once I get over the initial thought I'm fine.

After my dad passed away I made my Mam a little sign to remind her to put on her makeup everyday. Each morning she when she looked in the mirror and seen the sign she put on some of her makeup and she always felt a bit better.

Even if you're not going out I always say if you're not feeling great don't mope around the house in your pyjamas, getting into the shower, put on a nice outfit, a slick of makeup and look in the mirror and tell yourself you're beautiful. It will help, I promise.

Here is a link to the items in this look.
Jeans are River Island here
Jacket is River Island here
Shoes are River Island here
Jumper is Zara here

Hope this post helped. 

Love Grace xox

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