Wednesday 15 March 2017

Pink To Make The Boys Wink

Hey Dolls,

I am obsessed with this jumper and when I spotted it in penny's I didn't really think much of it to be honest. It was only when I got it home and tried it on did I fall in love. It's the perfect shape, so comfortable & the sleeve detail is so cute.

Dressing for your new post baby body can be hard, lord knows I know how hard. I found it so hard to adjust to my new body and it took me quiet awhile to be able to go out shopping again and to finally get my style back. I don't miss maternity wear that's for sure.

One thing I have found when shopping is going one size up then you normally would. I find buying jeans the biggest struggle. I went from a size 10 to a size 16 and now I'm only accepting that buying an 18 is more comfortable. For months I was squeezing myself into my size 16 river island molly's and it was just so uncomfortable. I find going one size up so much better, it's not only more comfortable but you feel better because you're not poured into your  jeans.

I find that oversized knits like this one from Penny's the best for a post baby belly, it hides that little bump that I just cant seem to get rid of and also is so comfortable. I stay well away from cropped tighter jumpers.

Finally white jeans are acceptable to wear and I love them. They make me feel like spring is here and summer is not too far away. The baby pink of this jumper is one of my favourite colours lately and so fresh for the warmer days. If you want to shop any of these looks check out the links below.

Jumper is Penny's & is in stores now
Shoes are River Island here
Jeans are River Island here
Handbag is DKNY from Kildare Village

Hope you enjoy this post

Love Grace xox

Some of the above links are affiliate links and commission can be made from them.
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