Monday 21 March 2016


Hey dolls,

Well the word is out, I'm pregnant. I'm so happy and relieved that you all know our news, it was so hard to hide it from you all. I've been nothing but exhausted since I found out and have been napping everyday. I found out mid January and myself and Chris were over the moon and soooo excited. All I wanted to do was share it with you all but I knew I had to wait until I had my 12 week scan before I could spill the beans.

So here I am finally able to share my news with you all, I couldn't be happier and so excited for the baby to get here. Everything is about to change. We need to find a new place to live and I need to buy a bigger car. A pram will never fit in a mini. It's so exciting but so scary at the same time. I guess you never think you're ready until it actually happens.

I've had such a good pregnancy so far, no morning sickness, just exhausted. Even before I found out I was pregnant I was falling asleep everywhere. It's the only thing I've experienced since finding out we're having a baby. I've been so lucky to have such a good pregnancy because I've heard of some people being so sick.

We went for my 12 week scan last week and it was the most amazing experience of my life. I was so nervous as I'm sure all expecting mothers are. The minute the baby popped up on screen the tears just streamed down my face. I didn't expect to be so emotional but I couldn't help it. I felt so relieved to see my baby and so overcome with happiness. I only wished it had lasted longer. The baby was so active, rolling around and kicking its feet and I even saw its little hand wave. It was amazing.

We got three pictures and they came out so clear, I stare at them everyday and count down the days until my next scan. I am due mid September, I won't say the date as they say you can go over on your first. I'm going to continue to post about my pregnancy and keep you up to date with everything.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments and messages. It means the world to us to see how supportive and excited you all are too.

Love Grace xox  

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